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How to clean your bathroom

How to clean your bathroom

Do you know how to clean your bathroom?  Do you know how to clean it properly?  Of course, we all know that Lowes is the best place to shop for all your cleaning materials and when you use a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can buy the best cleaning essentials for even less than less.  But how do you clean a bathroom properly?  The We Are Coupons guide to cleaning a  bathroom will help you.


The first place to start when  cleaning your bathroom is the declutter. Clutter builds up in every bathroom and makes it look unsightly. When decluttering you can recycle empty shampoo bottles and empty the bathroom trash can. Place all the items that are normally on open shelves outside the bathroom for the time being. Yes, this is the time to remove dirty towels and bathmats and wash them. Now to bathroom can begin to be cleaned.

The Toilet Bowl

The first place to start when cleaning your bathroom is the toilet.  Clean the toilet with your detergent of choice, squirt it around the bowl and in the hidden places and close the lid. Do not flush but leave the detergent to do its work while you tackle the rest of the bathroom.

Clean the tiles

No, not the floor tiles but the wall tiles and the walls in general.  Spraying your detergent of choice on the tiles and walls and scrubbing them before wiping off with clean cloth. If it is convenient use the showerhead to wash down the tiles for a good rinse.

Clean the shower and/or bathtub

First start by cleaning the shower screen or the glass surrounding it by using a good glass cleaning product. There are many specific products that clean all aspects of baths and showers from the glass to the faucets, these making cleaning very easy. For a really good sparkle to any stainless-steel glass cleaner works magic.

Back to the toilet

Now the bulk of the cleaning is done you can return to the toilet. Give the outside and inside of the toilet bowl a scrub, making sure you get into all the corners.  For the outside of the toilet a multipurpose bathroom cleaner is best, clean the bowl as well as the seat and wipe the toilet down with a cloth. Finally give the toilet a flush and maybe add a splash of bleach into the water sitting in the toilet and close the lid.

Other surfaces

Next take a clean cloth and some bathroom cleaner and wipe down any shelves and clean any storage solutions in your bathroom – this was why you placed everything outside the door. Wipe down all your mirrors with glass cleaner and you are nearly there.

Bathroom Sink

A good bit of advice is to clean the bathroom sink last as it may be used during your clean.  Start with the faucets and then the basin itself and do not forget to clean the outside and underneath. In no time at all it will sparkle.

The floor

Brush and vacuum your bathroom floor, you will be amazed and what it swept up.  Now mop the floor, for small shower rooms sometimes you can just use a cloth and scrub on your hands and knees. Using a good detergent and give the floor a good clean and a wipe down afterwards.

Repack your bathroom

The final step is to repack your bathroom and return toiletries, toothbrushes and other items back to their place and then your bathroom is clean.

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