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How to Get Your Garden Ready for Winter

How to Get Your Garden Ready for Winter

Home Depot has everything you need to keep your garden in great shape all year round. With a Home Depot Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons looking after your garden costs less. There are several things you can do to prepare your garden for winter. One way is to plant trees and shrubs. This will make your garden look tidier. Also, it will prevent a sludgy substance from forming. Lastly, you should clean your tools.


Plant trees and shrubs

Fall is the ideal time to plant and transplant trees and shrubs. This helps protect them from early winter snows. Choose hardy varieties suited to your zone. Shrubs and evergreens with berries will make your garden more interesting and provide additional activity for wildlife.


Shrubs and trees need a month to establish roots before heavy winter temperatures hit. Although you can still plant them in pots, they will be healthier in the ground. You can plant them anytime the ground is workable, but be sure to avoid over-amending the soil. Adding compost or bone meal to the soil can help encourage new root growth. However, fertilizer is best left until spring.


Add organic matter to soil

Organic matter is made up of dead and living plants, animals and microorganisms that contribute to the soil's structure and fertility. Adding organic matter to your soil improves plant growth and helps it retain moisture. It also improves aeration. Compost is a great substitute for peat moss.


Before winter arrives, it's important to prepare your soil for winter by incorporating organic matter into the soil. Add about four inches of organic matter to the soil. Make sure the organic material is evenly spread, not too thick.


Clean tools

The fall is a great time to clean and sanitize your gardening tools. Tools are often contaminated with plant diseases that can be transferred to your plants. Cutting tools, such as pruners and clippers, are especially susceptible. Also, fall is a great time to sharpen the blades of your gardening tools, as sharp blades will perform better and take less effort to use.


Before storing your tools for the winter, you must clean them thoroughly. This will extend their lifespan, as dirt will cause rust and decay, especially on wood handles and metal blades. Once you have thoroughly cleaned them, you should apply vegetable oil to the handle and blades to prevent rust. Also, it is a good idea to hang your tools to avoid excess moisture and to keep them clean.


Plan next year's garden

If you want to grow your own food and make the most of your garden, then it's a good idea to plan your garden for the following season. The first step in planning for next year's garden is to evaluate your current garden. By taking stock of what you've planted this year, you'll be able to avoid mistakes and have a better understanding of where you want to plant your plants. This process is not hard and is a great excuse to look through plant catalogs.


The second step in planning your next garden is to identify the types of plants you want to grow. It's important to consider the size of the plants you plan to grow. You don't want to end up with a garden that is too large or too small. The right size depends on how much you're going to eat or give away.

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