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How to choose a memory foam mattress

How to choose a memory foam mattress

Your current, old, very well worn and quite possibly uncomfortable mattress could be the cause of backache and pain as well as sleepless nights. A memory foam mattress is the solution you need to prevent more backache and get a better night’s sleep.  Lowes has a wide selection of conventional and memory foam mattresses and you can use a Lowes Money Off Coupon save further money on the already low prices. But how do you go about choosing a memory foam mattress?

Here are four tips to on How to choose a Memory Foam Mattress:

Foam Density

The feel of the foam is entirely related to the density or so one is lead to believe. This is not totally accurate. The density of the foam is more about how long the mattress will last than the feel of it, although a higher density foam will feel a little more firm than one of lower density. Cheaper memory foam mattresses are often a lower density but be warned some manufacturers do not tell you the facts. Some memory foams may say 5lb but that is only for the first inch or so, the rest is a much lower density. If you want a good mattress look for one that is assured or guaranteed to be the density required all the way through.

Temperature Sensitivity

Temperature Sensitivity is what makes a good memory foam mattress a better memory foam mattress. Body weight and body temperature both affect memory foam. As your body sinks into the foam, it settles evenly because of your weight. Your body heat also then begins to soften the foam in places where your body temperature is higher. Genuine Temperature Sensitive memory foam is less resistant to body heat, it tends not to soften and thus you get a higher quality mattress and a better night’s sleep. Ask about the temperature sensitivity of the mattress, you may pay a little more but won’t regret it.

Tested on real people

Lower quality memory foam is not expensive to produce and low-end memory foam mattresses have often had limited testing to prove its ability. When choosing a memory foam mattress ask whether the mattress has been tested and then ask if it has been tested on humans. Lab testing is one thing but the proof of the pudding, or in this case the mattress, lies in human testing.

Ask for attest drive

Okay, so a memory foam mattress is not a car but there is nothing to stop you from testing one.  A memory foam mattress must be chosen to match the way you sleep however explaining this or testing this in a store is difficult, even more difficult when buying online. Good memory foam mattress retailers will offer a “comfort test” whereby the mattress is wrapped in plastic to keep it sanitary and you are allowed to effectively test drive it for a few nights.  This is the very best way to ensure you choose the correct memory foam mattress.


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