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How to patch peeling paint

How to patch peeling paint

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Peeling Paint

There is nothing worse than a patch of peeling paint.  An ugly patch of peeling paint stands out like a sore thumb and needs to be address properly and urgently.  When you know how, addressing peeling paint is a straightforward task.

Why is the paint peeling?

One of the first things you need know is why the paint is peeling in the first place. Simply repainting maybe the equivalent of placing a band aid on a broken leg.  Very often paint peels because the surface that was painted was not prepared properly. In some cases it could be more severe and it is essential to get to the bottom of the reason for the peeling paint.


As with any paint job preparation is key.  Even a small patch of peeling paint needs proper preparation to avoid future peeling.  Preparation begins with scraping off and removing the flaking paint, this should come off easily with a scraper and/or wire brush. It is vital to get back to the primary surface as this will also help you assess the reason the flaking. 

Patch Up

The next step in patching peeling paint is to sand down and then repair or fill the surface.  If the underlying surface is wet it will need to dry out.  Fill any cracks and sand down to a smooth finish and allow to set, cure and dry.

Sand the area

The area you have filled and a small space around it must be sanded down. Sand to an even surface, feeling with your hands to see if it is even and smooth.  Take your time in this.


Any professional painter will tell you that priming a surface is essential and that priming always results in a better finish.  Prime the area you have prepared. You may require more than one coat of primer. Primer helps your paint adhere to the surface better.  This step is something you will not regret.


Once the primer has had sufficient time to dry and you feel the patch is ready, you can paint.  Where possible you should use the same color and type of paint as the rest of the surface. You will most likely need more than one coat.  Take your time on this and allow the paint to dry before applying second and third coats.

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