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How to find summer in your bedroom this summer

How to find summer in your bedroom this summer

Summer is a warm season we all love. Sadly, it must give way to Fall and eventually Winter.  But does your home have to feel cold and wintery just because the chilly season has arrived?  The answer is no it does not have to be so.  With Home Depot you can make your bedroom feel as fresh and warm as summer all year round.  On top of this you can save money on all your home décor supplies with a Home Depot Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons.  But how do you make your bedroom feel like summer in Winter?

The Right Bedding

Bedding makes all the difference to the look and feel of your bedroom.  The wrong bedroom can make your sleeping space seem dull, boring and unwelcoming. No matter what season of the year it is with the wrong bedding your bedroom will never feel alive.  Fresh and bright summer(y) bedding, duvets, pillows, sheets etc don’t have to be cold to sleep under.  There are many bright sunny days in Winter when the sun shines through the windows like a warm July day. On days like this your fresh look and feel bedding will release the hidden warmth of summer while the ground may be covered in snow outside.

Get the Light Right

As with many design ideas lighting plays an important part of how your bedroom feels, not just how it looks. Your best friend when keeping your room looking and feeling as fresh as a summer’s day is natural light. As mentioned above, sunshine on a winter’s day is perhaps the best interior designer you could wish to engage.  The right lighting,  bamboo shades for example, always ensures the right feel is created with your bedroom.  Keeping things gentle and calm helps keep that summer feel in your bedroom without making it not feel inviting on a winter’s night.

Go Green

Summer is a season of life and is considered the polar opposite of winter. In winter the world outside is dying back or even dead.  Because of this the best way to keep that summer feel in your bedroom during winter is to bring life into the room.  Fresh green plants can thrive in a sunshine filled, warm winter bedroom and create that living feel of summer. You can choose from a variety of plants that add life to your room and once again natural light is your best friend in creating this amazing look and feel.

Fabulous Furniture

The final aspect you making your bedroom feel like summer in winter is the furniture you have in the space. A low bed always has a feel of summer, try it and place your mattress on the floor without the base and you will see. Natural wood in light colours soak up any sunshine that make stream in from the winter wonderland outside and your room will feel fresh and warm in an instant!

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