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Signs you need a new bathroom

Signs you need a new bathroom

Covid19 has perhaps seen you stuck at home and you may have noticed a few things about your home you are not happy with. Some of the things you spot may just be that you have furniture in the wrong place but some may actually indicate you need a  new or upgraded room. One such room that may be annoying you is the bathroom and there are certain signs it needs a major update and a visit to Lowes armed with a Lowes Printable Coupon to save money may be on the cards.  What are the signs that you need a new bathroom?

Other people tell you

This is quite a big giveaway. When your friends and guests point out things that are not quite nice about your bathroom, then this is one of the most obvious hints you should take and maybe begin to think.

Outdated Colours

Many bathrooms are old, and thus the fashionable colours then may not be so now. What you assumed would be timeless wasn’t quite so, and today many people are just opting for simple black and white bathrooms that will never go out of date. A fresh makeover of black and white can work wonders on an old bathroom

Poor Layout

Many bathrooms evolve rather than being designed. A cupboard here, a shelf there and a mirror in a wall where it is not exactly useful to appear, and the bathroom becomes clumsy. A well laid out bathroom with good looking fittings is a happy bathroom and one that you will love. Don’t settle for a poorly laid out bathroom, update and have a bathroom you love and want to spend time in.

Poor Lighting

Lighting in a bathroom is everything. Poor lighting is often the result of a bathroom evolving, however just improving the bathroom with some modern, practical lighting could well be your first step to upgrading your entire bathroom. Better light may expose a multitude of problems or just things you don’t like about your bathroom.

Lack of storage

Storage in a bathroom has evolved, and even the smallest bathrooms can now have tons of storage with the latest creative solutions. If you cannot store all the things your bathroom needs require in your bathroom, then this is a sure sign you need to update your bathroom.

Scratchy Bath

If laying in the bath scratches your back then the bathtub is more than likely old and in need of replacement. This is a clear sign you not only need a new bath, but you need a new bathroom.

Faucets and fittings look old and worn

There is nothing nicer than shiny functional faucets and fittings in a bathroom. However, if the fittings no longer shine and taps make a noise when they are turned, it may not just be a sign that you need to replace them, you may need to replace the whole bathroom.


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