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How Often Should you Clean your Bathroom?

How Often Should you Clean your Bathroom?

With the COVID19 Pandemic still gripping the world, cleanliness and hygiene are hot topics. Your bathroom is a haven for germs and these germs can make you ill, lower your immunity and increase your risk to the Coronavirus.  Home Depot has all the equipment and materials you need to clean your bathroom and make it hygienically safe. We Are Coupons has the best Home Depot Coupons that can save you money on cleaning items when shopping online.  So, how often should you clean your bathroom?

The essentials

First of all, before we answer how often you need to clean your bathroom we answer what you need to clean your bathroom.

Toilet bowl cleaner

Toilet brush



Paper towels or several cleaning cloths.

Rubber gloves

Bathroom cleaner

Glass cleaner

Shower cleaner

Mildew Remover

All of these items can be found in your nearest Home Depot or Home Depot online

The Main Clean


Ever since bathrooms first appeared the recommendation for a good all-over clean has been once a week. Choose a time and day when bathroom traffic is at its lowest and sanitize everything.  Unblock your sinks and pour strong disinfectant in them. Sweep and mop the floors thoroughly.  Sanitize all faucets and basins. Give the toilet a deep clean and using thick bleach let it sit in the toilet bowl before wiping off. Scrub down all the walls and get up close to the edges of the bath and basins, use mildew or mould remover if you must. Sanitize and clean the shower door. Scrub any windowsills and get into all those hidden places. Don’t rush your bathroom clean and your bathroom will look like new before you know it.

NB  Get into a weekly routine – it will save time later

Things Not to Overlook

There are countless little hiding places for germs and dirt in your bathroom.  Scum lines around your faucets, when the toilet pedestal meets the floor and where shower glass meets the floor or the wall. These tight corners need special attention. If you have a shower curtain don’t forget to clean the shower curtain rings or even replace them and the shower curtain completely.

Rugs and floor towels

Heaven forbid that you have a rug in your bathroom but if you do it needs replacing at least once a week.  All floor towels need replacing and washed thoroughly as part of your weekly deep clean, floor towels should be replaced and washed daily.

Daily Routine

A bathroom needs a once over at least once a day.  The toilet needs scrubbing every day, basins need wiping with an antibacterial cleaner once a day and towels need replacing daily as well. It is important to keep on top of your bathroom cleaning, especially In large households. A clean bathroom is very much part of remaining healthy today and simple bathroom cleaning routines make all the difference.

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