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How to make your room Fresher

How to make your room Fresher

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Fresher Homes

One thing everyone wants is for their home to feel fresh. Fresh air and a lack of odours makes a house feel like home.  Fresh air or the right fragrance gives the home a personality and gives it life.  There are many ways to achieve a fresher feeling and smelling home. Here are five ways for make a fresher home.

Essential Oils

For thousand of years civilizations have known about the power of essential oils.  When heated or infused, essential oils fill a room or space with a rich fragrance. There are hundreds of essential oil fragrances to choose from and a many ways to use them around the house to create a fresher and even sweeter home for everyone.  For those with allergies or heightened sensitivity to smells you may need to be careful using essential oils in the home.


The use of candles has grown in popularity in recent years. At light candles give a soft glow that fills a room with a special energy and during the day the same energy is still felt. Scented candles using natural scents can freshen a room or even an entire house while simultaneously calming everything down. There is a strange power in candles, even just unscented and beeswax candles that leaves a home feeling cotton fresh.

Indoor Plants

There are some who contest the fact that plants can remove harmful toxins from the air, this may include odours and smells. However, one thing that is guaranteed with fresh living indoor plants is that your home will feel fresher. There a certain level of moisture found in plants as well the fragrance of flowers and more that is unmistakable leaving a home feeling fresh and alive with ease. 

Pets and their Hair

We all love our pets but they are not great for keeping a home fresh and clean.  Dog and cat hair as well as the dirt they bring in can fill a home and the air within it. Dogs especially can make a home smell of wet dogs and it is therefore essential to keep on top of the cleaning. Regular deep cleaning in a home with pets will help keep your home smelling and feeling fresh.

Air Purifier

The first four ways to help keep your home fresh are fairly natural. This final way to freshen the air in your home is the most expensive and uses a machine.  An air purifier is a simple appliance that filters the air in your home and removes toxins and harmful gases from the air. Often very effective an Air Purifier leaves a home feeling outside fresh on the inside with relative ease. 

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