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10 Living Room Design Mistakes - Part 1

10 Living Room Design Mistakes - Part 1

Your living room is one of the most important rooms in your home. For decades Home Depot has been helping people design and decorate these living spaces and for years has helped keep homeowners up to date with style. It is well known that We Are Coupons can help any homeowner save money of their design and décor items when shopping at Home Depot Online thanks to their Home Depot Coupons. However, no one can really prevent some of the mistakes we all make when designing our living space. Because of this, for this week and next we will point you in the direction of what living room design mistakes to avoid.

The Wrong Sofa

Many people have a great sofa that works well for their family but when it comes to design it is very much the wrong sofa.  When it comes to a living room makeover a lot of people do not want to get rid of the old sofa, whether it is comfortable or not and tend to design their living room around it. Again, this is a living room design mistake you will want to avoid. Your sofa is a both a functional and design element of your home and needs careful consideration. Home Depot has a wide range of sofas that can help you design your living room better.

Copying the showroom

When seeking design inspiration many people will look at how a store and presented and demonstrated their products. Sure, the showroom looks amazing but the layout has been designed to sell not to be lived in. Sadly too many people try and copy the showroom style and end up making one of the biggest living room design mistakes of all. Your space is going to be very different to what the store uses and you can choose to be inspired by their layout but by all means do not copy it… be yourself

The too small rug

Rugs and carpets are an essential part of creating a liveable living room and just one visit to Home Depot will point out that there are countless colors, designs, styles and sizes of rugs.  A top mistake to avoid when designing your living room is that of the too small rug. A rug needs to be the right size for your living room for it to fit in and feel part of the room. It is all too easy to go for a small rug, or play it safe, and in most cases this is a failure. Measure your space, get an idea of just how big a rug you really need and choose a bigger rug and you will win!

Wrong Art. Wrong Place

We all have our own idea of style and what we call art. When it comes to putting art on the wall firstly choose something you like, not something you think just looks good. Some people prefer abstract art and others prefer family photos, the choice is yours and Home Depot can help with both. Secondly, where you hang you are art is important and many people wreck the whole look of their room by hanging stuff in the wrong place. Eye level is the key to success and making a statement or not is where you simply need to decide.

Next week we will cover the We Are Coupons final 6 living room décor mistakes to avoid.


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