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Appliances that are a waste of time and space

Appliances that are a waste of time and space

Home Depot stocks a wide range of useful and great value home appliances from Vacuum Cleaners through Washing Machines. Using a We Are Coupons Home Depot Coupon you can save money on all these appliances when shopping online. However, over the years most of us have been wooed into buying many appliances because of the “wait there’s more” sales technique and thus there are plenty of appliances that are a waste of time and space. Here are a few:

Vacuum Sealer

Back in the late 80s and early 90s the vacuum sealer was all the rage. You can still buy them but to be honest the many resealable bags available today are equally as good as the vacuum sealer. Perhaps if you are selling food produce the vacuum sealer may make sense but other than that it is just clutter.

Ice Cream Maker

How much ice cream do you really eat? The Ice Cream Maker seemed like a good idea when purchased it but it soon became a white elephant in the kitchen.  The Ice Cream Maker is less convenient than shooting out to the grocery store to grab a tub of ice cream and having a choice of flavors.

Bread Maker

Just like the Ice Cream maker the bread maker sounds like a marvellous idea at the time. But yet again it is one of those appliances where the novelty soon wears off. It quickly becomes an appliance that gathers dust and you soon release buying fresh bread is just as good and far easier. And of course, if you must make bread the old fashioned way is nearly always better.

Egg Poacher

This is really a pointless appliance as poaching an egg in the pan is easy and just seems to be a dying art.  If you take the time to learn how to poach an egg you will soon kick yourself at the wasted money spent on your egg poacher.

Electric Carving Knife

Many of us can still see the TV advert for electric carving knives from the 1970s and 1980s. They were cool, trendy, convenient and just a touch quirky, Today the electric carving knife is not something you need and is indeed a waste of space. A conventional knife is as good as it always has been and as long as it is sharp it will carve anything perfectly.

Electric  Pasta Maker

Finally, the electric pasta maker is just one of those appliances that so many people only use once before sending it back to its eternal home in the cupboard. Sure, homemade pasta does taste great but the hassle factor is far too much. Buying pasta from the grocery store eliminates the need for an electric pasta maker and if you spend a little more on quality pasta you will experience the difference.


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