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Kitchen Appliances you never knew you needed

Kitchen Appliances you never knew you needed

The modern kitchen is a far cry from kitchens of a century or even a few decades ago. In the past everything was made from scratch using some form of heat and some simple pots and pans. While many kitchens and the families that use them still rely on stoves, ovens, pots and pans for the basics the levels of convenience have become more and more instant or even  specialist. There are appliances today that service many purposes and some that serve a single and even almost nonsensical purpose, these are the appliances you never knew you needed. Lowes has a wide range of kitchen appliances and you can save money on purchasing them using a Lowes Printable Coupon from We Are Coupon. But what kitchen appliances are there that you never knew you needed?

Popcorn Maker

Popcorn is so easy to make. Take come corn kernels, some butter and a pan. Heat up the butter, throw in the corn and place the lid on top removing from the heat when the popping stops. How easy could It be?  Clearly not easy enough and one of the appliances you never knew you needed but now clearly do is the popcorn maker. The popcorn still tastes the same but now you have a special machine to make it – why? There is no answer

Electric Crepe Pan

Crepes are almost as easy as popcorn to make and yet they have invented an electric crepe pan for your “convenience”. Again is makes little sense but an electric crepe pan is a plate that gets hot and makes crepes and that is about it. It is in many ways little different to a frying pan That you place in the stove and heat up and then throw in your crepe mix. Again it is anyone’s guess as to why an electric crepe pan is needed but those who have one clearly have a reason

Cake Maker

A Cake Maker does have a degree of sense in it but only just. A cake maker is a small appliance that you pour cake mixture in, close the lid and cook the cakes. The convenience is that you do not need to use the oven. It does make sense but nothing beats a cake from the oven, it just doesn’t.

Rotating Pizza oven

A rotating pizza oven somehow takes away the joy of cooking pizza in your kitchen oven or your outdoor woodfired pizza oven. These kinds of crazy appliances have a metal plate on which you place pizza and rotate it under the equivalent of a kitchen blow torch and it doesn’t really make sense. It is perhaps a little more convenient but for real convenience, if you are a convenience freak why don’t you just order takeout pizza??

The world is full of crazy appliances you never knew you needed and you can buy all kinds if weird, wonderful and hi-tech appliances from Lowes using a Lowes Printable Coupon. There is no guarantee the appliance will change your life but for the sake of novelty some appliances, as above, might be worth buying!

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