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Appliances that make great Christmas Gifts - Part 2

Appliances that make great Christmas Gifts - Part 2

They say you should never give an appliance as a gift.  However, when you shop at Lowes with a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you may well change your mind.  Lowes is well known for its amazing selection of home appliances at low prices and every year the range gets better. There is nothing wrong with giving an appliance as a gift for Christmas, maybe not a vacuum cleaner or a iron, and when that someone is someone who loves to cook or is just starting out in a new home appliances are a great idea. So, this two part article gives you some ideas for some great appliances to give as gifts this year. In part one we looked at a handful of appliances that make great Christmas gifts, in part two we give you some more ideas.

Coffee Mug Warmer

In part one we let you know that a top quality coffee maker makes an ideal Christmas gift for any coffee Aficionado and indeed it does. But there is one problem with a decent cup of coffee that many of us can relate to.  Coffee goes cold.  Many of us warm up our cold coffee in the microwave but with this somewhat quirky gift you no longer have to. A coffee cup warmer is a brilliant gift that is simply a plate that warms up just enough to stop your coffee from becoming ice cold.

Table Top Grill

Who said you can only barbecue in summer?  There are no rules about the time of year you can or should barbecue. With a portable table top grill you can grill indoors at home even when a gale is blowing outside. There are a growing number of indoor barbecue solutions for someone who absolutely loves to grill all year round a table top gas grill will make an outstanding Christmas gift.

A rice and grain cooker

Many people who love to cook make quite a lot of rice. It is not always easy to measure how much rice you should make or will end up making. You cannot always cook small qualities when you are only cooking for two. You don’t always cook your rice to perfection. With a rice cooker you will solve all the problems anyone could face when cooking rice and the gift will be a welcome gift that any home masterchef will adore and thank you for.

Portable or Countertop Dishwasher

Anyone who has a small kitchen or lives in a small place will often wish they had space for a dishwasher. That dream can come true and there are now a number of small, portable, counter top dishwashers that fit into the smallest of places.  Getting your hands on one of these and giving it as a gift will have someone worship you this Christmas and save you from doing the washing up next time you visit!

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