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Christmas Kitchen Essentials - part 1

Christmas Kitchen Essentials - part 1

Christmas is just around the corner and Home Depot has everything you need for Christmas around the home.  Your kitchen becomes a busy place a this time of year, you have just got through Thanksgiving and it seems like you need to do it all over again. In your kitchen there are certain things that all the top homemakers say you cannot do without. With a Home Depot Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money all these Christmas kitchen essentials.

Rimmed Baking Sheets

If there is one thing you will end up doing in your kitchen over Christmas is it baking.  A rimmed baking sheet is the most trusted, versatile and used piece of baking equipment any kitchen can have. In some homes the sheets barely get a chance to cool down before they go back in the oven with something  else delicious on them. It is always worthwhile investing in good quality baking trays and many people will highly recommend stainless steel trays and sheets. You can choose non-stick but they can mean food needs to cook longer in some cases.  Investing in some high-quality catering grade baking sheets will be something you never regret.

Pre-Cut Parchment Sheets

Oh the convenience of pre-cut parchment sheets. At Christmastime especially convenience is a watch word many homemakers are always aiming for.  Pre-cut parchment is great for saving time and waste and they fit most sized baking trays.  If you haven’t discovered pre-cut parchment sheets do yourself a favour and get some.

A Large Cutting Board

There are cutting boards and there are cutting boards. They come in all sizes to suit all needs but a large or giant cutting board is an investment in your kitchen you will never look back on. A large or giant chopping board ends up saving you so much time and space when preparing food, not only at Christmas, that you will perhaps never use your smaller boards again. Plastic is popular today as it is easy to sanitize and keep clean, this does not mean you cannot use a wooden board.  Look for one with grips too as this makes them easy to use when transporting chopped food to the pot on the range.

Large Cooling Rack

So, you have your large baking sheets and large chopping board the next thing you will need is your large cooling rack. If you cook big you need to cool big and a large cooling range, ideally stainless steel, is another kitchen lifesaver.  Many baking pans come with cooling racks inside them, these are great but if you need to keep rotating your pan you may come unstuck with your cooling.

In part two of this essentials for a Christmas kitchen we will uncover some other amazing things you will thanks us for this Christmas.  Christmas is a busy time and it can be made easy with the right equipment.

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