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Weird Christmas Traditions

Weird Christmas Traditions

It seems impossible but we are now in the final month of the year.  Home Depot has been helping people all over America keep their homes in tip top condition while saving money with a We Are Coupons Home Depot Money Off Coupon. The year has flown by and the pandemic has made it a year few can ever forget.  So, to kick the month of December off we thought we could share some weird Christmas Traditions just to keep spirits up.

KFC for Christmas Lunch

While many of us a looking to settle down to turkey and all the trimmings this Christmas, albeit a little socially distanced, turkey is not the thing in Japan. Over the last few years Christmas lunch or dinner has become KFC.  KFC is specially packaged in Christmassy packaging and the demand is so high that you need to pre-order your bucket of finger lickin’ goodness. So, if you are in Japan you will certainly not be alone if you opt for this one of a kind fast food!

Almost Halloween

Norway comes close to Halloween over Christmas believing that Christmas eve is the time when evil spirits and witches go on the hunt for new brooms. It is a weird Norwegian Christmas tradition to hide all brooms on Christmas eve for fear of finding your broom broken to pieces outside your house.

Get your skates on

This has to be one of the weirdest of all weird traditions. In Caracas, Venezuela people wear roller skates to the early mass on Christmas morning. No one is quite sure how this started but it has become so popular that streets in the city are closed to allow skater to get to church safe and on time.

Decomposed Christmas Lunch

You might want to race across to Japan if this weird tradition puts you off lunch. In Greenland the traditional Christmas fare is Mattak!  Mattak is a small bird called an Auk wrapped in whale blubber and seal skin, buried and left to decompose. It is considered a real delicacy but is perhaps not what everyone wants to eat on Christmas Day.  You choose KFC or Mattak?

More Spooky Stuff

While much of the planet decorates their home with holly, ivy, tinsel, lights and candy canes the Ukraine is a little weird. In the Ukraine a popular decoration is a spider or spiders web. Legend has it that a poor woman could not afford to decorate her tree one year and a spider saw how unhappy she was. The poor woman went to bed and while she slept the spider spun a sparkling web over her tree to make her happy. So, spiders are the in thing in the Ukraine.

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