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Most Insane Gadgets to Give as Gifts this Christmas

Most Insane Gadgets to Give as Gifts this Christmas

Home Depot loves Christmas as much as anyone and has an amazing array of superb Christmas gifts. If you shop online and use the best Home Depot Coupons from We Are Coupons you can save money and buy yourself a little something too. But there are those people who demand a little something different for Christmas and the gadget lovers will be super impressed this year if they choose to shop around.  So to whet the appetite here are some insanely cool gadgets to give as Christmas gifts,

NASA Spectacle Cleaner

Anyone who wears glasses knows how challenging it is to get them clean. Not just clean but really, really clean as a cloth often just makes the smudge worse.  Well, with a little help for  NASA your glasses can be cleaner than ever. Over 2 million people have purchased Peeps Glass Cleaners a unique invisible carbon that cleans glass so clean you can see through them better than air.

Peaceful Sleep.. At last

Many people struggle to sleep peacefully. Stress and non-stop busy minds keep us awake at night leading to stress and making getting to sleep even more difficult. The Dodow is a metronome-light that has been scientifically designed to slow the mind and clear restless thoughts. Rather than use sleeping tablets and other medications that leave you drowsy the next day the Dodow simply slows you down over 8 minutes and soothes you to sleep.

Know your car better

If you own a car newer than a 1996 model the FIXD device is a solution to something many of us scratch our heads over. Modern cars have so many warning lights that often we do not know what they mean or how serious the warning is. FIXD is a simple device that plugs into your car and talks to your mobile phone. The device knows why a warning light is on, what exactly the problem is, how severe the problem is and what is needed to fix or solve the problem. With FIXD you can even estimate what it should cost to repair so you never get taken for a ride by a mechanic.

Speak 43 Languages in an instant

Many people speak two or three languages but few speak 43.  Muama Enence is a superb gadget for those people who travel or for anyone that just wants to talk foreign.  A simple device that actually works, it makes the ideal gift for travellers, business people who need to communicate in different languages or just those who want to talk other languages.  Just a few buttons and this device could change and broaden your world.

Really Deep Clean

With the Coronavirus pandemic affecting us all, cleanliness and hygiene has never been more important. MobileKlean uses UK light to clean surfaces deeper than ever before. Using the same technology that many hospitals use the MobileKlean UV light has been shown to greatly constrain the growth of E. Coli, H1N1, and other harmful pathogens. This is perhaps the most thoughtful gift you can purchase for anyone!


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