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A Guide to Decorating your Home this Christmas - Part 2

A Guide to Decorating your Home this Christmas - Part 2

You don’t need to be a Martha Stewart or interior designer to make your own festive decorations and set the perfect mood for winter season. With these easy steps, we hope that you will find the inspiration and motivation to bring holiday cheer into your home this year! Furthermore, if you choose to visit Lowes for your decorations you can use a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons and save!



Christmas in the Bedroom and Bathroom

Want to put your best foot forward in the morning when you walk into your bedroom?


No matter if it is December or January, it’s important to set the tone for the next day. Although you may not be leaving your bed before noon, you should make sure that the room has a nice ambiance. This way, your bedroom is a more relaxing place to sleep.


To create this atmosphere, start by lighting some candles around the room and placing them on surfaces where they won’t get knocked over. Next, add layers of texture with throws and pillows on your bed. Add some Christmas flair to your nightstand with some garland or wrapping paper around it. And don't forget about lights! Make sure that you have enough lights for both day and night time use.


Your bathroom should also have a festive touch during the holidays. Start by adding seasonal scents to any candles in there and leave out some holiday decor like lights or garlands so that guests can enjoy them when they come over. You can also hide away winter essentials like toiletries in festive containers so that they don't ruin the mood when guests are over.


Lights and Candles

There’s nothing more festive than a house lit up with Christmas lights. They can be used in different ways to create the perfect ambiance for the holiday season. Hang some from the ceiling or put them outside your windows to make your home glow.


Keep in mind that if you have children, keep the lights away from where they could get tangled and hurt themselves.


Candles are also a great way to add a warm and welcoming atmosphere to your home this holiday season. You can place them around your living room, kitchen or dining room table to set a cozy scene that will definitely put you in the Christmas spirit.


If you don’t know how to decorate your house for Christmas on a budget, these two tips should help you achieve amazing results!



Wreaths and Mantels

A wreath is the easiest way to decorate your front door for the holidays. To make one, find a circular object that can be decorated, such as a Styrofoam ball or cone.


Take some artificial berries or pinecones and attach them to the object using ribbon or string. Make sure that you place the larger items on the outside of the wreath and small ones in the center to create visual interest.


Another easy decoration is a mantle with candles and fresh greenery. Simply place two candles on either side of your fireplace mantel, fill it with fake snow, pine cones, garland, or other holiday decorations to make it feel festive.





Pillows, Curtains, and Rugs

Add a few pillows or a throw rug to your living room for a cozy feel. If you have curtain, add some holiday-themed curtains to make your home more festive.

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