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Decor Trends not to follow

Decor Trends not to follow

Lowes has been helping Americans keep their home looking stylish for decades. With Lowes Money off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money o the latest trends in home and interior design for your home.  Every corner we turn we get bombarded by what we should and must have.  However, there are always plenty of trends not to follow and here are a few of them.

White on White

White is always a safe color in any home and always will be.  White is clean and gives a feeling of light and space and that is why we love it. But, white on white on white is  not in any  more. Going all white is now out of fashion, a spot of color or non-white is what you need today.

Retro Industrial

There was a time, not long ago, where a touch of the industrial was the in thing.  Those industrial look tiles that looked so OMG not long ago are not the in thing today. If you have them don’t go replacing them but of you are remodelling the industrial look is not the way to go.

Fake Stones

Do you recall the fake stone look?  The look of terrazzo and marble in your flooring and walls that are not stone is so out it is not funny. Trends change fast and while the look of stone was once super cool but today real stone or just plain colors are more trending.

Fake Plants

Every home needs some greenery and one way of bringing this to your home has been easily done with fake plants. Fake plants are maintenance free, and with our busy lives today they make sense. However,  fake plants are not trendy any more.  Fresh flowers and living plants are the in thing and these are not as heavy on maintenance as you may think.

Forked Legs

Loved by fans of DIY and DIY furniture. Fans, tables, and forks with fork legs gave us a sleek industrial look, and were often an affordable option, so we don’t blame you for being on trend. However, there are many inexpensive options on the market that can and should replace pin or fork legs.

Fancy Furniture

There is nothing wrong with having good quality furniture. However, expensive furniture for the sake of expense is not trendy. Furniture needs personality and money cannot buy that. So, rather go for less expensive furniture that speaks to you and you will be in fashion.

Child Theme Rooms

Children only like a theme for a short period of time, so try to design with your future in mind. You want a space that is child-friendly, that incorporates your child’s personality and includes basic concepts that will resist the test of time and adolescence.


Take note of these not to trends and you will remain in fashion. Sometimes it is knowing what is not in  fashion makes you more fashionable.

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