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Decor that is not as cosy as it seems

Decor that is not as cosy as it seems

Home Depot has been helping homeowners make their homes comfortable and cosy for decades. Using an Online Home Depot Coupon from We Are Coupons saves you money of creating cosy. However, money-saving or not some people just have a knack of ruining cosy with some poor interior décor choices. Here are some ways to break the cosy in your home without even trying.

Elephants made of Gold

In some cultures, golden elephants are part of life but for the vast majority of people and in their homes a troop of Golden elephants takes away the comfort of the home.  Gold elephant statues were all the rage in the early 90s but as homes become more minimal even one elephant in the room is too much

Neon- Looking Lights

Ok, so your home deserves a bit of color but you need to remember you home is a home, not a club or a bar. It is easier than ever to include an Acid-colored LED light in a room today but neon-looking lights just go too far away from being cosy in your living room. Softer lighting creates cosy, not bright lights that have colors that are too bright. These lights make work in a games room or for an indoor barbecue room but if you want calm and quiet, think again!

Lace and Crocheted Covers

Back in the day lace was all the rage. Ok, back in the 30 or 40 years ago. While lace and crocheted items look soft and dainty they bring granny to the world of modern comfort. Cosy and comfortable they may well be but giving that alive feeling of a 21st-century person is something they don’t do. If you want to make your home look old add some lace if you want your home to be airy and comfortable don’t.

Furniture with built-in TV

In the past, TVs were bulky heavy things that often had a wooden cabinet. Building them into wooden cabinets as a centerpiece was common but today it is not so. Modern TVs are slim, stylise and become part of the furnishing themselves in modern homes. Old cosy and quaint cabinets with built-in TVs do not make for a cosy night in watching a movie. If you want cosy think minimal and place the TV where it makes sense in your room.

Big wooden Clocks

As much as your grandfather clock may be an heirloom they can look very pretentious in a modern living room or lounge. Sure, you promised to look after it but it can make your rooms look old and for some strange reason create the aura of mothballs

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