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Quick History of outdoor furniture

Quick History of outdoor furniture

Home Depot loves homes more than anything else. With everything from the materials to build your new home through furniture to fill it Home Depot has it all. With a Home Depot Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save on absolutely everything that Home Depot has. 

Outdoor furniture is something home depot has plenty of.  We take our patio chairs and tables for granted today but have to ever stopped and pondered the history of outdoor furniture?  Here is a brief history.

Egyptian Patio Furniture

Some of the earliest examples of furniture made for outdoor use can be traced back to the Egyptians.  Archaeologists have discovered remanent and traces of wicker furniture not very different to that of today. They have unearthed patios and outdoor rooms that prove the Egyptians enjoyed entertaining outdoors as much as we do today. 

Wicker is not a material as many think. Wicker is a process, a way for making furniture. Any form of flexible wood, bamboo or fibre, even modern day plastics that are woven is classed as wicker. It is a form of manufacture that dates back thousands of years and is still used today.

The Growth of Wicker

It was the Victorian Age that saw Wicker grow in popularity. As global trade expanded new styles of woven furniture made their way to British shores. Wicker began to be made in Britain at this time with its delicate and ornate weaving it found its way in to many middle and upper class homes.  In the 1850s Wicker made its way to the United states all thanks to Cyrus Wakefield. Wakefield discovered rattan being used to secure cargo in the Boston docks.  He realized this could be used as more than the equivalent of bubble wrap and he began to make furniture from it.

Improvements in wicker

Wakefield’s furniture making process was slow and cumbersome and his manual process would soon change when the Heywood bothers invented their first loom.  The Heywood Wakefield company was born that would dominate furniture manufacture up until the 1920s when the fashion and demand for wicker dwindled. Wicker would not come back in fashion until the 1960s and 70s and this time new, synthetic materials made wicker furniture more affordable.

Wooden Furniture and Modern Design

Wooden furniture has been popular for outdoor use since its inception.  Today wooden furniture is still popular and many say that wooden outdoor furniture is the best quality.  In recent times cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum and plastic have all found their place.  Today there are so many choices,  even inflatable furniture that we are spoilt for choice.  Home Depot has a superb selection of outdoor furniture with something for everyone and every budget

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