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Funny Friday: Outdoor Jokes

Funny Friday: Outdoor Jokes

Home Depot has all you need for enjoying the outdoors at home and have everything at the best prices.  We Are Coupons can save you even more money at Home Depot with the best Home Depot Coupons available.  If this does not make you smile then these outdoor jokes will.

Irish Furniture

What do you call an Irishman who builds outdoor chairs?

Paddy O’Furniture.


An indoor ant meets an outdoor ant. He says "In the house I was at, there was a very skilled guy; He could throw a coin at a hairdryer and it would turn on. That really blew me away!"

Outdoor Toilets

A young man wanted to invite his girlfriend to their farm but was embarrassed by the old-fashioned outdoor toilet.

He kept bickering his dad for a modern, indoor one, but the old-timer didn't want to give in.

Out of sheer desperation, he slips out one night, puts a lot of dynamite behind the toilet and blows the whole affair into oblivion.

The next morning at breakfast, his father asks him if it was he who destroyed the toilet and at the same time reminds him of the story of George Washington and the cherry tree.

"Yes, Dad," sighed the boy. "It was me."

"I'm glad you're so honest." said his father.

"And as punishment, you have to start digging the pit for a new one immediately."

"But Dad," protests the boy, "when George Washington admitted it was he who cut the tree, his father didn't punish him!"

"Yes, you're right," said his father. "But George's dad wasn't in the cherry tree when he cut it down!"

Outdoor Dining

I went to an outdoor restaurant last night

Total disaster. Poured with rain. Took me 2 hours to finish my soup.

Middle East Shopping

Iran has announced a controversial move to reopen outdoor markets

Experts have described the move as a bazaar decision


Dinking with wild animals

There’s a man at an outdoor bar who orders one pint of beer for himself and 10 for his giraffe...

He continues to do this throughout the night. When he heads home, the giraffe stands up but then toppled over because of how drunk he is. The bartender says ‘Hey! You can’t leave that lying there!’

The man then says ‘It’s not a lion, it’s a giraffe.’

Outdoor Introductions

My girlfriend and I met at an outdoor party.

You could say that fête brought us together.


Why are programmers no fans of the outdoors?

There are too many bugs

Classical Music Outdoors

A symphony is preparing for a concert.

The crowds eagerly await this outdoor performance of the Hallelujah Chorus. However, it's the middle of June, and the heat is terrible. All the flutes, trumpets, and tubas are out of tune. The choir is miserable and sweaty.


Ultimately, they're forced to cancel the performance. It was simply too hot to Handel.

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