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Outdoor Tasks for May

Suddenly half the year is almost up and Home Depot are amazed as you are at how fast the year is going.  Home maintenance continues flat out of nearly every American homeowner and any American can save money on home maintenance with a Home Depot Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons.  But what is on the list for outdoor home maintenance for the merry month of May?

Paths Walkways and brickwork

Winter Can be harsh on bricks and pathways.  Small cracks can become bigger cracks as water freezes and expands as ice.  Brickwork in pathways can become loose and pavements and walkways can become uneven  and dangerous.  Get up close to your brickwork in May and make small repairs and do minor maintenance now before things get worse. A simple trick to fix brick pathways is to sweep sand into the cracks and water it down;  a lovely task on a warm May morning.

Feed the Lawns

Your lawns are coming back to life.  Taking care of the needs of your lawn early in the summer is essential if you want lush green grass.  An important outdoor Home Maintenance task in May is to feed your lawn.  Some nutrients on spread on your lawn in May will pay off later in the year.  Maybe this is your chance to use some of your homemade compost and do things naturally.

Fences and gates

May is the best time to tackle the repair jobs around the garden so you can enjoy your garden throughout the summer. Just like brickwork,  wooden gates and fences have taken a battering over winter. Some timbers may need repairing or replacing and some may need a lick of paint.  Early summer is the best time to undertake repairs to gates and fences and you won’t regret getting an early start.


The sun is out and flowerbeds and vegetable patches can soon dry out. Sure you can water your flowerbeds and vegetable gardens but in hot sunshine the water will evaporate faster than you think. The best way to keep your garden plants well watered is to mulch and hold the water in. This simple task will save you money on your water bills and ensure your plants grow healthier and better than you can begin to imagine.  Mulching in a must in May.

Wash your Windows

May is a time you want everything to clean and bright.  One task that makes a big difference to your home and one that the whole family can be a part of is to clean your windows. This is a great way to start a new summer season and really feels good. Even if it is a little bit too cool to sit outside you can enjoy the outdoors indoors through sparkly clean glass.

Have a happy May and enjoy your gardens!


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