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6 tasks to keep your garden happy this summer

6 tasks to keep your garden happy this summer

Summer is here and we all love our gardens. However, your garden will not look after itself. There are a few important tasks that need to be undertaken regularly to ensure you get maximum enjoy from your garden. Lowes is well-known for its superb range of high quality garden equipment, materials and supplies. You can save money on everything in your garden at Lowes by using a We Are Coupons Lowes Money Off Coupon, and this of course makes the most important summer tasks in your garden even easier to undertake.

Tidy the Garden

One of the most important tasks to keep your garden enjoyable is to keep your garden tidy. As with most things keeping on top of the tidying up is important. All it takes is about an hour every day with a bucket and pair of pruners. Pick any fallen leaves, prune any dying or dead branches or flower heads and clear up any trash. This simple one hour (or less) task will keep your garden looking and feeling amazing.

Keep on top of the weeds

Weeds grow faster than you can imagine and can soon take over your garden. Clear weeds once a day or better still, make a habit of pulling out any weeds as soon as you see them. Once weeds are cleared many keen gardeners know that a good layer of mulch stops weeds from growing fast and leaves the garden looking good. This is such an easy task that takes little more that a few minutes per day and is actually very rewarding and somewhat therapeutic.

Plant some annuals

Every garden needs some colour and most gardens have places or pots that have nothing growing in them. Summer is the perfect time to plant some annuals that need little more than some potting soil and some water to grow in what feels like no time at all. This is an easy task that delivers wonderful results and makes your garden feel amazing for the summer.

Watch out for the enemy

One of the biggest threats to your perfect garden is the never-ending invasion of pests. All kinds of critters love you garden for very different reasons than you do. Lowes has a superb range of pesticides and even natural pesticides to slow the attack on your garden. Keeping on top of the pests is a constant battle but one that you can generally always win,

Feed your flowers

One thing some gardeners overlook is actually looking after their flowers. Watering and feeding your flowers is all part of getting and keeping your garden in full bloom.

Feed the birds

The final important task in looking after your garden is to feed the birds that also play an important part in looking after you garden. A birdbath and a birdfeeder each make a garden come to life and makes it a place you really want to spend time.

Looking after your garden does take some effort but rest assured when it comes to putting you feet up at the end of the day it is surely worth it.


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