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The only 5 garden tools you need

The only 5 garden tools you need

Many people think you need to have a shed or garage full of tools to look after you garden and have looking like a masterpiece. Well, many people would be wrong, very wrong as you only really need 5 garden tools and every task is covered. Lowes has a wide range of superb quality garden tools and using a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons means you save money on these tools. So, what 5 tools do the gardening experts say you only really need?  Let’s find out

Pruning sheers

Pruning sheers are the pocket super tool for every gardener. They are used for so many purposes from pruning your flowers and shrubs through cutting stems for spring and summer bouquets. You can even use your pruners to cut wires and strings. 

A good pair of sheers need not cost you a fortune. They should firstly be comfortable to hold and the blade should be made of a good quality metal. There are various types of pruning shears and you will soon know which are right for you and give you the most versatility.

Garden Fork

The other absolute essential garden tool is a garden fork. The humble garden fork, as with the pruning sheers is one of the most versatile tools any gardener could have. Garden forks are essential when digging into hard ground or uprooting plants and weeds. A fork is also useful also for lifting and moving piles of dry grass and weeds.

A garden fork need not necessarily break the bank. Lowes has a good selection of garden forks that will fit any budget. Essentially you need a garden fork to be strong and have a comfortable grip.

A spade

Second to a garden fork a garden spade is an essential garden tool. Do not get confused with a shovel. A shovel is really only good for scooping things up while a spade digs and can be used to tidy up edges of a flower bed or vegetable plot.  A spade can also dig thought those annoying tree roots of weeds that can thrive on any part of the garden.

As with a garden fork, Lowes has a good selection of spades to suit any budget. A good spade you have a strong handle and good grip and should be made from good quality materials.

A rake

The other really important garden tool every gardener needs is a rake. A rake is the tool that really keeps your garden tidy helping you pick up trash, debris and fallen leaves. If you want your garden to stay looking good all year you need a rake.


The final tool every gardener needs is not really a tool. Every gardener needs a sturdy pair of gloves. A good pair of gloves will keep your hands clean, protect you from injury and prevent the spread of disease. With your gloves you can safely use all the garden tools and you can soon have your garden looking in tip top condition.

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