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October Garden Checklist 2022

October Garden Checklist 2022

October is here and your garden needs work. With a Home Depot Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons makes gardening more fun and more affordable. There are plenty of things to do in your garden in October, whether it is to prepare it for winter or to harvest the crops from your garden. These tasks include preparing soil, planting seeds, and making sure your garden is ready for the coming winter. Aside from preparing for the winter, you can also plan your garden for next year.


Prepare your garden for winter

Winter is a time of transition in many garden areas. Plants are busy developing roots, while soil microbes continue processing organic matter. There are many ways to prepare your garden for winter, including adding mulch, removing dead branches and seed heads, and feeding plants. A well-prepared garden will help reduce pests and disease in your garden.


Begin by walking through your garden and assessing what you've grown in the past year. Every growing season is different, and evaluating what worked and didn't work last year will help you make changes next year. It can also save you time, energy, and money. As winter approaches, consider what you've accomplished this year and what you need to do differently next year. It's essential to plan ahead for the winter months, so don't wait until the last minute to plan the season.


Prepare your garden for winter by adding mulch to the soil around the plants. Make sure to water your plants well, even in cold climates. This will prevent them from soaking up the winter cold. Keep in mind that frost can damage irrigation systems.


Prepare your garden for harvest

By October, your garden is probably a complete mess of weeds, dead plants, and rotting tomatoes. The few things that can still be picked and processed are only ripe ones. You will also have a hard time preserving any cucumbers, string beans, or zucchini.


The spring garden should be cleared out before you start the fall garden. You should till the soil to six to eight inches and apply a complete fertilizer per hundred square feet of bed space. Afterwards, you can reseed the bed with minimal effort. The soil should also be amended by adding mulch to the bed area.


Fall is also an ideal time to plant cool-season crops. If you are planning to plant corn, squash, or other cool-season crops, this is the best time to plant them. During the fall, weather is mild and the seeds germinate easily.


Plan for next year's garden

The winter months are a great time to reflect on your current garden and plan for the following year. Think about the types of plants you want to grow, where you want them to grow, and what they'll need to thrive. If you haven't already done so, make a list and update it as new information becomes available.


Start by listing the plants you grew this year. While you might think you remember what worked and what didn't, your memory is often hazy. For example, you may remember a bumper tomato harvest, but a disappointing zucchini crop. Write down the specifics of each plant so you can avoid a repeat of last year.


Another great time to plan for next year's garden is late fall. This is when you can see what plants will survive the winter, and they will be ready for planting in the spring. It is also a great time to plan and purchase shrubs, flowers, and screens for the garden. During this time, you can choose the right plants for your garden and customize your space.

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