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Home Checklist for September - Part 2

Home Checklist for September - Part 2

September has appeared as if out of nowhere and Lowes, of course has everything you need to look after your home at this time of year.  With Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on just about every aspect of your home.  In part two of this article about how to make you home look and feel amazing this September we undertake some more Fall preparation for Winter.

Get Up On Your Roof

September is the month the sees Winter on the horizon and this means your home has to be ready to face the winter weather. No other part of your home faces the elements quite like your roof and during September it is the best time of year to inspect the very important part of your property. Getting up close to your roof, having a good look at the gutters and the shingles will help you identify places that need maintenance and where you may need to replace a few things.

Chimney and Furnace

With colder weather in the not so distant future September is the month where your furnace and fireplaces need some attention. Getting a professional in to sweep your chimney is a must and a clean chimney will mean a warm and safe Winter ahead.  You can service your furnace yourself but many people prefer to call in the professionals.  By servicing your furnace and HVAC system your winter heating will be more efficient and save you money on your heating bills.

Washers and Dryers

September is the perfect time of year to service your laundry appliances. When winter comes your machines always seem to work harder.  Cleaning your dryer vents is an easy task that ensures your dryer runs more efficiently.  Water pipes and plumbing need to be checked and any broken pipes should be replaced, if you have not checked your machine in a while this is a vital job. Once this is done you will find you have considerable peace of mind.

Insulate More

September is the ideal time of year to check and double check the insulation on your home. You may find you need to top up or replace your roof or loft insulation and this is best done before winter really sets in. A quick check around the home for drafts and potential problems with your insultation will pay off soon enough.

Each of these small tasks should hopefully mean your home is snug and ready for winter enabling you to enjoy a happy Fall!


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