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Five Gross Things That Happen When You Don't Clean Your Home

Five Gross Things That Happen When You Don't Clean Your Home

Most of us live in a clean and tidy-ish house. Lowes has been helping people clean their homes better for less with the best cleaning materials at the best price for decades. With a Lowes Discount Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save even more money at Lowes on your cleaning items. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you did not clean your home?  Here are five gross things that will happen if you don’t clean your home

Dust mite Invasion

Within a week or two of not dusting or vacuuming your home of course your home will look filthy. Filth is one thing but behind the filth you now have a full colony of dust mites living in your home. These cute mites will send your allergies into overdrive and while they may be small, almost unnoticeable to the naked eye they will creep you out.  But it is not the dust mites themselves that is the problem, allergies increase because of dust mite excrement!

Bathroom Hazard

Your bathroom should be a clean place. It is the place you wash, it is full of good clean soap, right?  Wrong!!  If you strop cleaning your bathroom your bathroom becomes the ideal damp, warm and moist home for mildew and potentially deadly melds. Mould is lovely stuff, the stuff of horror stories when you understand it well. Mould grows fast and when digested can even grow inside you.

Rotting Sheets

This is a truly gross thing that will happen if you don’t clean your home. Changing your sheets is an easy task but should you decide not the change then and sleep in the same sheets and use the same pillows for weeks your bedding will rot. It will take a period of time to rot as your bodily fluids, skin cells and oils build up on your bedding creating a putrid sheet of pure human goo.  This will get worse still if you personally decide to stop washing yourself.

Trash Bugs

As your trash piles up and your home becomes evermore filthy bugs will take up residence. Over time, a few weeks or so, trash becomes the perfect home for a host of creepy crawlies and bugs that thrive on your filth. Cockroaches rule, ants roam wild and flies begin to breed and that means maggots. Before you know it your home is not yours.

Living Fridge

The fifth gross thing that will happen when you don’t clean your home is what happens to the fridge. Food has sell-by dates, even if kept in a fridge and if nothing is thrown out and you don’t give your fridge a simple wipe down it will grow.  Food becomes slimy and this itself attracts other germs, leftover food rots and the smell infiltrates everything. Before long all your food tastes like trash and you could catch any one of a multitude of killer diseases just because you didn’t clean and tidy your home!

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