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Home Maintenance Tasks for May - Part 2

Home Maintenance Tasks for May - Part 2

With a Home Depot Discount Coupon from We Are Coupons taking care of your home costs less. Like a health check-up, regular home maintenance tasks will save you money and prevent major repairs down the road. Even minor problems can grow into costly surprises if they go unaddressed for too long.


To keep your home in top shape, it's important to complete these tasks on a monthly basis. If you can't handle some of the more complex home maintenance projects, consider hiring a professional.



Deck Repair

Decks provide an outdoor space where homeowners can relax or entertain with family and friends. However, decks are prone to damage from a variety of factors. This includes water, salt, sun, snow, and other elements.


To avoid damage to your deck, check its structure and railings regularly. Push on the railings to make sure they are secure and stand on the surface and stairs to check for sagging or cracked boards. If you notice any of these issues, it’s time to make a repair.


One of the most important aspects of a deck’s structure is its ledger board, which connects your home’s siding to the wooden platform above it. If this piece is damaged, it could lead to the collapse of your entire deck.


Failing ledger boards also allow moisture into the decking, which can rot and weaken it over time. You should replace the ledger board as soon as possible to avoid structural problems with your home and its deck.


Another important component of a deck’s structure is the beams and joists underneath it. These pieces support the entire structure and are vulnerable to rot. They may not be as easily fixed by a DIYer as the ledger board, but it’s still a good idea to check them for signs of rot or damage.


If you discover any rotten, loose, or broken joists, you can replace them with replacement joist hangers that are galvanized steel or aluminum. This option is an easy and inexpensive alternative to a full joist replacement.


It’s also important to clean out your deck’s debris and remove any mildew that accumulates over the course of the year. Mildew can cause the deck to look dingy, and it can attract pests like termites. Cleaning the area with a bleach and water solution can remove the mildew and prevent it from reoccurring.


While this task is usually left for spring, it’s a great idea to do it during the month of May. This will ensure that your deck is looking its best when the weather warms up and you’re ready to host your next outdoor party.


Lawn Mower Maintenance

With the weather warming up and grass re-growing, spring is the time to get outdoors to do your yard work. But before you head out, it’s important to make sure your lawn mower is up to snuff.


Whether you have a gas or electric model, your mower needs regular maintenance to keep it running well throughout the year and avoid costly repairs later on down the line. This includes a variety of tasks, all of which are simple and can take just an hour or so to complete.


The first step is to check the oil level in the engine. Most mowers have a dipstick that will let you know when it’s time to change the oil. It should be a nice, golden-brown color and free of sediment. If it’s black or thick, the oil is mucked up and needs to be changed soon.


Another easy but essential part of a mower’s maintenance is to check its air filter. These tiny engines use a lot more air than fuel, so if the air filter is clogged with debris, it will strain the engine and cause premature wear.


Replacing a paper or foam filter is relatively inexpensive and a good idea to do once a year. If yours looks dirty, squirt some soapy water on it and then rinse thoroughly and let it dry completely before reinstalling it.


If you have a gas-powered mower, it’s also a good idea to make sure you have fresh gas in the tank before starting the season. Stale gasoline can clog your carburetor or fuel system and ruin your mower.


Finally, be sure to check your spark plugs. These small plugs are a critical part of the ignition system that starts the motor. It’s best to change the plug at least once a year to ensure the engine gets enough spark to start and run smoothly.


A lawn mower is an integral part of a home and an investment, so it’s a smart idea to make sure yours is in tip-top shape. If you take the time to follow these tips, your lawn will be in great condition when summer arrives.

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