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Gardening Checklist for August: Nurturing Your Garden with Home Depot - Part 2

Gardening Checklist for August: Nurturing Your Garden with Home Depot  - Part 2

Welcome back to the second part of our gardening checklist for August! As we continue our journey through the peak summer month, we'll dive into more essential gardening tasks and preparations that will keep your garden thriving and vibrant. In Part 1, we covered watering schedules, deadheading and pruning, fertilizing, pest control, weed management, harvesting and preserving, lawn care, and fall planting preparations. Now, let's explore additional critical aspects of gardening in August, with a focus on bulb planting, checking for plant diseases, and preparations for the upcoming fall season. As always, we'll also highlight how Home Depot, a trusted source for gardening supplies, can be your go-to destination for all your gardening needs. Remember: Gardening Costs Less with a Home Depot Money Saving Coupon from We Are Coupons


6. Harvesting and Preserving


If you have a vegetable garden, August is a bountiful month for harvesting. Regularly pick ripe produce to encourage continuous growth. Consider preserving excess harvest through freezing, canning, or drying for future use.


Home Depot Suggestion: Ball Canning Jars


Home Depot offers a range of Ball Canning Jars, ideal for preserving your garden's bounty and enjoying fresh flavors throughout the year.


7. Lawn Care


August is also a critical time for lawn care. Mow your lawn at the appropriate height and avoid cutting more than one-third of the grass blade at a time. Water your lawn deeply to encourage deep root growth and apply a slow-release lawn fertilizer.


Home Depot Suggestion: Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Food


Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Food, available at Home Depot, provides essential nutrients for your lawn, helping it stay healthy and lush throughout the hot summer months.


8. Fall Planting Prep


Start planning for fall planting by selecting the vegetables, flowers, and bulbs you want to add to your garden. Prepare the soil in advance to ensure a smooth transition when it's time to plant.


Home Depot Suggestion: Greenes Raised Garden Bed


Greenes Raised Garden Bed, available at Home Depot, provides a convenient and customizable solution for preparing your fall garden beds.


9. Check for Plant Diseases


Regularly inspect your plants for signs of diseases or nutrient deficiencies. Early detection can prevent the spread of diseases and allow for timely treatments.


Home Depot Suggestion: Bonide Neem Oil Fungicide & Insecticide Concentrate


Bonide Neem Oil Fungicide & Insecticide Concentrate, available at Home Depot, offers effective control against various plant diseases and pests while being safe for use on edibles.


10. Start Thinking About Bulbs


If you're planning to add spring-flowering bulbs to your garden, start ordering them in August to secure your preferred varieties. Store them in a cool, dry place until it's time to plant them in the fall.


Home Depot Suggestion: Van Zyverden Flower Bulbs


Home Depot offers a variety of Van Zyverden Flower Bulbs, perfect for adding vibrant colors to your spring garden.




August is a critical month for gardeners in the United States as they tend to the needs of their gardens amidst the summer heat. With this comprehensive gardening checklist and a visit to Home Depot for all your gardening supplies, you can ensure a flourishing and vibrant garden that lasts well into the fall season. From watering solutions to fertilizers, pest control to lawn care, Home Depot offers a wide range of quality products to support your gardening endeavors. So, roll up your sleeves, grab your gardening tools, and prepare to enjoy the rewards of a well-tended garden throughout the summer and beyond. Happy gardening!

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