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February Gardening Chacklist part 3

February Gardening Chacklist part 3

February is a funny month for gardening enthusiasts throughout the United States.  In the north of the country heavy frosts and snow persist while in the South the weather is warming up but is unpredictable to say the least. Getting out on garden is something every gardens wants to do and February is a surprising month with a lot to do.  Lowes has a store full of ideas for you and your garden and with a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on everything.  So, what should you be doing in your garden in February? In this three article series we will give an indication of the garden work you need to do broken down by region in the US. In Part  three we will cover the final regions of the US:  Pacific Coast, South East and South West

Pacific Coast

In this part of the US the feel of winter becoming the warmer season of Spring can be easily felt.  Evidence of spring can be clearly seen as the leaves of spring flowering bulbs poke their heads through the soil. The weather can still produce a cold snap, especially in Northern Californian,  in the South this is less so.

Northern California

Splitting the Pacific Coast into North and South makes sense. In the North there are a few things to consider that differ from the South of California.

You should be ready to cover your plants on cold nights that can still see temperatures plummet.

February is snail season and keeping a watch on these pests is essential

It is time to plant your rhubarb!

You can sow your cool season vegetable seeds and your annual flowers

Any fruit trees need fertilizing

Trim you ornamental grasses to allow them to grow fresh.

Southern California

In Southern California it is a little warmer than the North.  Now is the time to prune your rose bushes ready for an amazing summer display.  As with Northern California you can now trim your ornamental grasses to  make way for new growth.


It’s not quite spring yet in the higher desert areas so don’t jump the gun as the weather can be uncertain. Lower desert areas will be happy with the cooler, refreshing weather.

Cacti can be trimmed of any frost damage that may have occurred over winter and your fruit trees can now be fertilized

Aphids can start to appear and these need to be treated, ideally in an eco-friendly manner.

You can plant your perennials and ornamental grasses making sure you have row covers ready so that you are not surprised by cold snaps.


You cannot let your guards down in the Southeast, warm spells may come but cold snaps and frosts can bite you by surprise.  It is not unheard of to have snow in this region in February, For these reasons much of you gardening efforts should go toward pruning your fruit trees and roses.

The weather is now conducive to some plant growth in the Southeast. But that does not mean gardeners in the Southeast can totally let their guards down. There can still be some cold weather and some snow in the northern parts of the region. Much of your attention should be directed at pruning and at caring for fruit trees and roses.

You can sow your lettuce at this time of year ahead of a nice early crop.

Shelter tender plants with row covers when temperatures take a dip.

February is very much your deadline for pruning your trees and they will soon no longer be dormant.

Finally you can spray your bushes and trees for fungal disease in readiness for year ahead – prevention is always better than cure!



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