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10 Ways to Make Your Garden a Place Family and Friends Will Love - part 2

10 Ways to Make Your Garden a Place Family and Friends Will Love - part 2

Home Depot has everything you need for enjoyable gardening. With a Home Depot Money Off Coupon  from We Are Coupons gardening costs less. Creating a garden for your family is a great way to bring your loved ones together. It's a place they can play and grow, but it also needs to be designed in a way that everyone will love.



5. Create a Relaxing Seating Area

Whether you want to get some work done, spend some time reading or simply chill out and take a nap, having comfortable seating can make all the difference. Adding chairs and small benches with the aim to be as comfy as possible can be the perfect way to create your dream relaxing area in your garden.


You can also soften hard lines and edges of a seating area by incorporating planted borders around it. This can be a great way to give your garden a cohesive feel and help it feel more purposeful.


When choosing the right spot for a relaxation area, consider how much sunshine it gets and whether it’s sheltered or exposed. A sheltered area will usually be better for relaxing in as you can enjoy it more of the year.


6. Create a Snug Area

As the name suggests, snugs should be small and cosy areas that are designed to help their occupants kick back, relax and feel comfortable. These spaces should be filled with furnishings and items that foster feelings of peace and work hard to help their occupants switch off.


A snug can be a great space to spend time together with friends or family, and they are also the perfect place to escape to for a bit of peace and quiet when you need it.


If you have a garden, you can easily create your own snug area outside. By adding a cosy seating area and some furniture, you can make your garden a place family and friends will love.


Just remember, when decorating a snug, it is important to choose the right colours and furniture to make it cosy. You can use a variety of different textures, colours and patterns to give your snug a truly relaxing atmosphere.


7. Create a Snug Area

Whether you want to create an English snug inside your house or an outdoor one in your garden, there are a few simple ways to make this cosy, intimate room feel like it was made just for you.


You can use the same ideas that would work for a living room to help create a snug: a focal point, fireplace ideas and plenty of soft furnishings.


If you’re aiming for a more traditional look, consider adding some wall panelling to your snug. It’s a great way to add texture and pattern to the space.


A good snug can be a place where family and friends can come together to relax, play games, share a book or watch TV. It can also be a cosy retreat at the end of the day to help you get away from it all.


8. Create a Snug Area

One of the best ways to make your garden a place family and friends will love is to create a Snug Area. These spaces are ideal for cosy evenings, reading or just relaxing by the fire.


To achieve this look you’ll need a sofa or lounge with low arms that can be tucked into the corner, making the most of your space. Add a fab rug to the mix, and pile on blankets or outdoor cushions for added comfort.


It’s also worth considering light, warm-hued paving ideas and a lot of greenery to help you feel like you’re outdoors even in a smaller garden. For year-round colour try clematis, a trained wisteria or a passionflower that blooms in shades of pink and purple.


9. Create a Snug Area

Snugs are a great way to create an area within your garden where you can relax and enjoy a cup of tea. They can also be a place to house sentimental items that are important to you, such as family heirlooms.


To make the most of a snug you must choose furnishings that suit your decor. You should also ensure that the colors of your snug reflect how you feel - warm hues and cozy textures can help make the room a place where you can really relax.


If your garden is smaller or you do not have a lot of space, try creating a sunken seating area to add drama and privacy. This will allow you to transform an awkward corner into a relaxing seating nook that will make your garden a great place to socialize with family and friends.


10. Create a Snug Area

Whether you're after an intimate chill-out zone, a TV room or simply somewhere to sit and watch a movie with friends, you can create a snug area in your garden.


The key to creating a snug is to use warm colors and textures that make you feel comfortable and cosy. Think about incorporating large throws that can be wrapped around your shoulders and cushions and pillows that will support your back.


You might even want to consider installing a fire in your snug to give it a cosy and inviting feel. Depending on your budget, you can opt for a blazing open fireplace or an electric stove fire, and you could even go for planting candles throughout the space to really make it cosy.

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