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How to add shade to your garden

How to add shade to your garden

Summer is here and you want to make the most of your garden.  The sun is a welcome change from the snow and rain of winter but at the same time, it can be extremely strong.  Home Depot has been helping Americans enjoy their summer garden for many years and has plenty of ideas and solutions to help create some shade. With  Home Depot Savings Coupon from  We Are Coupons you can save money on making the cool space in your hot garden. So, just how do you go about adding shade to your garden?

Plant Trees

In most cases planting trees is not an instant fix to creating shade.  A Chinese proverb says “the best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is today”.  Trees provide amazing shade in a garden and fruit trees can offer a bountiful harvest come fall. You can plant grown trees and have them “installed”,  this does cost a lot of money but for providing shade it is the instant fix.

Create a Gazebo

If you have space in your garden a gazebo is a practical and stylish shade-providing solution.  A gazebo is a wonderful structure that contains seating and can be perfect for intimate outdoor dining. Constructing a gazebo is relatively straightforward and there are many “flat pack”  options you can purchase and install with ease.

Pop up Canopy

Pop-up canopies are a stylish way to create instant shade in your garden.  These canopies are made in various sizes and from different materials. Lower cost pop up canopies are made from made made materials and are lightweight and easy to assemble.  Most expensive options are made from stainless steel and canvas, are heavy and keep out the blazing sun as well as summer rains.

A permanent roof

Another solution for shade that is not instant is to build a permanent roof. A tiled roof or a roof made for sheets of corrugated steel or plastic is a permanent way to bring a shady space to your garden.  A fixed feature that has been purposely designed can even have space for your barbecue as well as plenty  of seating for the ideal indoor outdoor party.


Last but not least, the ultimate way to create instant shade on a hot sunny day is to invest in some patio umbrellas.  These umbrellas can range in size from a simple handheld parasol to hinged umbrellas that cover a space from a distance.  Cheaper, pop-up umbrellas can be purchased for under $10  and these are ideal for most small gardens.  Better quality umbrellas made from canvas with hinged mechanisms, LED lights and wireless speakers cost from $100 up. 

Whatever you choose to create shade in your garden you know will work for you and help you enjoy your summer garden to the full!

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