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How to Prepare Wooden Decking for Summer - Part 1

How to Prepare Wooden Decking for Summer - Part 1

Summer is fast approaching and a Lowes Money Saving Coupon from We Are Coupons can help get your garden ready for less. If you're ready to host a backyard barbecue or party, then you need to make sure your wooden decking is properly prepared. This will ensure your guests have a safe and enjoyable time while enjoying the summer weather.


Before you begin, clean your deck and take a good look at any damage that may have occurred during the winter months. This will help you determine what needs to be done before you stain the wood.


Clean the Deck

When you want to prepare your wooden decking for summer, the first step is cleaning it. This will help to remove the dirt and grime that has accumulated on it over time, making it more attractive.


Before you begin, remove any furniture and other items from the deck to make it easier for you to sweep away debris. This will also prevent them from getting damaged during the process, and ensure that they don’t get in the way of your cleaning process.


Once you have cleared off the deck, use a broom or a brush to sweep away any dirt or debris that has accumulated in hard-to-reach areas. You can also use a hose to rinse away any extra dirt or grime that might be stuck underneath the surface of the wood.


If your wooden deck has a heavy amount of dirt and grime, you might need to use a dedicated deck cleaner to get it as clean as possible. This can include a mix of washing-up liquid, warm water and soap.


For tough stains, consider using diluted ammonia or outdoor bleach with a lot of elbow grease. But be careful not to use chlorine bleach, as it is very harsh on the wood and could cause damage if you use it too often.


After you’ve wiped down your deck, it is now time to apply a penetrating sealer to protect it from future damage. This will give it a fresh look, protect it from the elements and prolong its lifespan.


It’s important to keep in mind that a wooden deck will suffer from wear and tear over time, particularly from the sun and rain. A thorough annual clean and application of a good penetrating sealer will give your wooden decking the longevity it needs to look as beautiful as it did when it was first installed.


Repair Damage

As you spend time on your deck during the summer, it’s important to make sure that it’s in good condition. This means checking for damage to the wood and making sure it’s secure.


Cracked or warped boards are common problems to look for on a wooden deck. Thankfully, these can be easily repaired by simply replacing them.


If you’re looking for more extensive repairs, call a professional to do them. But there are some things you can do yourself that will help your deck last for years to come.


First, check all the nails and screws that hold your deck together. Loose nails can encourage curling, which isn’t healthy for your deck. Replace them with deck screws or hammer them back into place.


Next, inspect the joists and handrails. If they aren’t straight and secure, they will be a tripping hazard. Similarly, cracked or warped joists need to be replaced.


Finally, examine the posts and railings for any signs of rot or rust. If you notice any, detach them and repair the damage with epoxy putty or new hardware.


Once you’ve finished repairing the damages, it’s time to start using your deck again! But don’t forget to make regular repairs during the summer, too.

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