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How to Paint Like a Pro

How to Paint Like a Pro

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Painting is a common and straightforward task that anyone can do.  Professionals make painting look so easy and many DIYers wish they could do the same.  There is no real secret to knowing how to paint like a pro and these simple steps will help you.

Choose the best colors

Choosing the right color for your room is where painting like a pro begins.  It is worthwhile placing some effort in choosing the right paint and right color for each room.  Different paints give different feels to a space or wall and different colors create hues that can ad depth, warmth and light.  The right paint in the right color matters.

Clean and Prepare

Cleaning and preparing your surfaces is the most important part about painting like a pro.  Preparation is more than just wiping down with a damp cloth. Some spaces need a deep clean and others need repair. Sanding,  filling , replacing rotten wood and so much more are all essential if you want to pant like a pro.

Cover up

Part of the preparation means to clear and declutter the room you are intending to paint and then cover up.  Investing in some decent drop cloths is something you will not regret and any splashes or drips will not make a mess of carpets and floor tiles.

Trim First

The biggest secret few professional painters will tell you is to paint the trim first. Window frames, skirting and door frames should all be painted first before you paint the walls and ceilings.

Start at the top

Another secret to painting like a pro is to paint from the top wall edge.  Paint over the wet edge with each M or W stroke of the brush or roller. A roller should be dampened before use and any r0ller tray should never be over-filled.  Painting is not a race and is best taken slowly and steadily.  Never rush and ideally paint on days when humidity is low.

Prime Prime Prime

While many paints state that no priming is required, a professional painter will tell you prime every time. Priming is the final and most important part of preparation that ensures you have an ideal surface to paint on.

Clean up

The final step to paining like a pro is to clean up properly once done. Cleaning your brushes and equipment is vital and once done you can step back and admire your handiwork!

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