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How to choose you Home AC

How to choose you Home AC

Airconditioning is a must for most homes in the United States.  Home Depot don’t really supply Home Airconditioning Systems but they do supply all the tools and equipment needed to maintain them. As fall fast approaches now is the right time to maintain your aircon and with a Home Depot Money Off Coupon you can save money on everything you need to do a good job.

Tools for Clean your Home Air Conditioning Unit

To clean your home air conditioning unit you will the following tools:

Screwdrivers (both flat-head and Phillips in different sizes, depending on the unit)

Leather gloves

Shop vacuum


Water hose with spray attachment

Further to the tools you will require:


Fin comb

Household cleaner

Electric motor oil

No-rinse A/C cleaner approved by unit manufacturer

Foil duct tape (optional)

Steps for cleaning you aircon

Cleaning your air conditioning unit is an important task you must complete each year and it is a task that will take a few hours to complete properly. Make sure you are not rushing and it may be helpful if you have someone to work with you.

 Turn Off the Power

Turning off the power is vital to avoid electrocution.  Switch off the power and double check that it is off.


 Open the Exterior of the Unit

Using a screwdriver you should open the casing of your aircon unit. You may need to remove duct tap and perhaps even silicon. Make sure you put any screws in a safe place in manner that makes reassembly easy.


Clean the Evaporator Coils

The evaporator coils will initially need to be vacuumed off.  Once this is done you should clean with the no rinse AC cleaning solution. This liquid will immediately evaporate fully once the AC is switched back on.


Wipe Down the Drip Pan

Having cleaned the coils you must then wipe down the drip pan with some general household detergent.


Clean the Fan Motor

The fan motor is an important part of your aircon unit. With some cloths or rags you need to wipe this down. If you motor has oiling points you will need to add some oil.

Comb the Mats

This is more than just something for looking good.  Bent or damaged cooling fins can make an aircon inefficient. Kits with fin combs of varying sizes are available online; determine which comb is the right size for your unit before proceeding. Using the proper fin comb while wearing leather gloves, straighten any bent exterior cooling fins. You can give them a final spray down with the hose

Replace the Filter

Really, you need to replace or at least clean your filters once a month but your annual deep clean is the ideal opportunity to do so.  There are reusable filters today that can be washed. However, when replacing your filter you must check that it is the right filter for your system.

Close the Access Panel

Now the dirty work has been done you can reassemble the unit, replace any duct tape and tighten the screws.


Clear Area Around the Unit

Most people forget this stage. It is advisable to check outside to see if any trees or bushes are obscuring your aircon unit. If they are you must trim them back.

You can now turn the power back on

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