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Child Friendly Home Decor

Child Friendly Home Decor

Home Depot has been helping American families make homes their favorite places for many years. Making your home kid-friendly is important, especially with younger kids and Home Depot has all you need to make this so. With a Home Depot Money Saving Coupon from We Are Coupons you save money on making your home child-friendly and more.  But what are the top 5 things to avoid for a kid-friendly renovation of your home?

Avoid Table Lamps

When renovating and decorating your home having more light or the right light is something you always need to consider. Gentle or subdued light is often provided by lamps and lamps themselves can add character to any room. However, lamps and kids do not go well together. Lamps are easily knocked and broken by boisterous kids, younger ones will draw on them or try and touch the hot glow with delicate fingers.  By keeping lighting to the walls and ceiling you are  making your home more kid-friendly!

Over Decoration

Layers is something that many people know gives a room or space character. Decorative items allow your personality to shine through. However all these items are seen and potential toys and play things for kids and thus should never be stored within their grasp. If you must have things on display you should place them well out of reach on higher up shelves or locked away behind glass. Remember this: if you don’t want it broken don’t make it reachable.

Towels Bars Don’t Work

Bathrooms can present their own challenges in homes with kids. Towel bars and rails look wonderful and may seem better for your bathroom. Sadly, when it comes to kids they are not very practical, especially in a family bathroom. Kids want to access their own towel, they want to hang their towel up in its place and know it is theirs. For this reason opt for towel hooks and give your kids their own hanging space!

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Floors sound like they should be perfect for a home filled with kids. You would be wrong. Hardwood flooring looks amazing but when kids drag their chairs and stools over it, play with the cars and toys on it the floor soon becomes scuffed, scratched and even splintered. If you want to the  luxurious look of hardwood but want something super-hardwearing then opt for Luxury Vinyl Planks. (LVP)  LVP looks just like wood but tougher and more durable.

Sharp Corners and Edges

Every parent should be aware of sharp edge and corners. When choosing furniture for the home it is easy to forget the young kids especially. Round or oval tables are better in homes with young kids and a simple choice can make your home dramatically more child-friendly and still leave your home looking amazing!


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