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Shower Curtain vs Shower Door

Shower Curtain vs Shower Door

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Advice on simple things can save you time and money. One such simple thing is that of a shower door or a shower curtain.  It is a common choice many households have to make. So which is best for you?

Shower Curtains

Shower curtains are very popular and consist of a single or double sheet of vinyl or pvc that hangs to the side of or around your shower.  Perhaps the most basic waterproofing solution and the go-to for many Americans.

Pros of a Shower Curtain

Soft Material:  Despite being plastic a shower curtain can create a soft contrast to the hard and solid tiles, mirrors and other essentials that make a bathroom what it is.

Soft Colors:  Bathrooms tend to be fairly solid when it comes to color, either this or natural stone flows throughout. A shower curtain is the easiest way to add some wonderful color to your bathroom.

Cheap and Easy:  Shower curtains are really affordable and easy to replace and change.

Easy to Clean:  Shower Curtains require limited cleaning.

Not Just Color:  Shower curtains don’t just have to be a color.  Picture and pattern shower curtains can add fun to a bathroom!

Cons of a Shower Curtain

Dirty Fast:  While a shower curtain can be easy to clean they can get dirty fast. They can also damage with ease, tearing is quite common and frayed bottoms or edges can become a nuisance.

Airflow:  airflow can see a shower curtain pull itself into the showering space and water can seep through with ease. This is no only annoying when showering but also makes the bathroom wet

Lack of consistency:  you can buy a particular style and color or shower curtain one week and the next week there is no stock.

Shower Doors

Shower doors are solid features that are either clear or frosted. They can slide or open on a hinge and can be partial (over a bath tub)  or fully enclosing.

Pros of a Shower Door

Attractive:  With a shower door you are forced to keep it clean and keep things around it and inside the shower tidy and clean. This makes your bathroom look and feel good.

Modern:  a shower door gives clean, modern feel to your bathroom

Leak Free:  compared to a shower curtain flowing shower water has no way to escape and make your bathroom wet while showering.

Warmer:  a shower door will trap all warm air and steam inside the shower making a more pleasant showering experience.

Stronger:  a shower door is stronger and when installed properly can make a support to get in and out of the shower.

Cons of a Shower Door

Cleanliness:  you are forced to keep your shower clean and dirty glass doors can be unsightly and embarrassing. 

Costly:  Shower doors are more expensive to install and can have maintenance costs



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