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The benefits of a smart shower

The benefits of a smart shower

Home Depot has been at the forefront of home technology since day one.  Offering people easy access to the latest gadgets and tech for the home is something Home Depot is best known for. With a Home Depot Money Off Coupon from  We Are Coupons helps you save money on all the home tech you want.  One such piece of tech is a smart shower.  What are the benefits of a smart shower?

Accurate Temperature

Whether you like a scalding hot shower, cold shower or that oh so perfect just in between shower, a smart shower gives you control over the temperature you want. This is great for all of us but it also has another benefit. When you have young children or older relatives staying you can set temperatures that are safe to use and are just perfect for them. You can program your shower temperature into your phone and it will let you know that your shower awaits too!

Choose the Power – or not

Modern showers can have more than one showerhead and we all have our showerhead of preference. With a smart shower you can automatically set your shower up to give you the right shower from the right showerhead at the right pressure to make your shower the best you ever had every time!

The Time is Right

With a smart shower you can preset the time you want in the shower. You may want a long lingering shower or you may want an early  morning quick shower to get you up and going fast.  The ability to control how long you want to shower, even by voice activation when asking for a 2 minute shower, you are in control. You can also set your shower to only shower for so long to save water too.

Stop, start, pause and more

You have absolute control in your shower when you have a digital shower. Mornings can be hectic and controlling your shower from your phone can save you time and water, you may start your shower and one of your kids spills milk you can pause your shower from your phone address the milk issue and return to your shower that is ready and waiting at the perfect temperature.

Family Friendly

A smart shower gives you control and it allows for presets so that every member of the family can have the perfect shower just for them. No need to adjust taps and nozzles, just set the shower for the person and update the app. From here on whenever anyone wants a shower they can program their shower from their phone and jump straight in.

Easy to install

The other great reason to choose a smart shower is that these devices are super easy to install. Easy for a good DIYer and effortless for your local plumber. Make the move to a smart shower today.


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