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5  smart home cleaning devices that could be the future

5  smart home cleaning devices that could be the future

Home Depot is not just about hammers and nails and pots of paint, Home Depot is the number one place for everything to clean your house too. You can save money on your cleaning materials using a We are Coupons Home Depot Saving Coupon when you shop online.

We are all used to a familiar and fairly manual way of cleaning and few of us really like this. However, as the 21st century races on the number of smart cleaning tools and appliances for your home is increasing. Some are available at Home Depot and others will be commonplace soon. Here are just 5 smart cleaning devices that may interest you.

Vacuum Robot

Automated robot vacuum cleaners have been around for some time and many people have become used to them. Today, modern robot vacuum cleaners have firstly come down in price, are vastly more reliable and have a lot more suction power with better battery life. Your vacuum cleaner can also be linked to your Alexa or similar device to allow you to have better control over your cleaning. If you have had a spill in the kitchen as you rush out the door you can instruct your robot vacuum cleaner to vacuum up your mess as you leave the door.  Clever!

Robot duster and mop

A robot vacuum cleaner is one thing but everyone knows that floors also need mopping. It was a logical step forward in home cleaning automation to invent a machine that can mop your floors not after you have vacuumed them. Today there is already growing range of smart mops and dusting devices that are very similar to the vacuum robots and those who use them say these machine work really well and often mop better than a human.

Window Cleaning Robot

Another much despised household cleaning chore is window cleaning and, yes, there is now a window cleaning robot. These small robots use a suction device to stick them to the window and then scrub your windows clean using sensors to find their way around your windows. We haven’t quite got to self-cleaning windows yet but you can be assured we will be there before too long.

Automated Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Cleaning the toilet bowl is perhaps one of the worst cleaning chores around the home. No one likes toilet cleaning and thankfully someone has invented a solution that cleans the toilet for you. There are devices that can be fitted to your toilet that clean it or you can replace your current toilet with a full energy and water saving self-cleaning toilet. These are becoming popular and yet for some reason people do still clean by hand as the seem to lack complete trust in a machine to do this smelly job.

Auto Laundry Folder

If you have a big family, you will know that laundry can be a never ending chore. Folding all the laundry can take as much time as washing it. Some bright spark has invented a automated laundry folding machine that manufacturers say can fold an entire laundry basket in under four minutes.


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