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The Color of your Home 2021 - Part 2

The Color of your Home 2021 - Part 2

At Lowes they have a wide choice of amazing paints to choose from.  Choosing the right color for your rooms is important and with Lowes you can find the right paint and color for every room in your home.  Furthermore, with a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on painting your home exactly how you want it.  In this two part article we will look at the colors and trends that lay ahead for 2021.


For an elegant, neutral look that is both modern and timeless, Sue Wadden, Head of Colour Marketing at Sherwin-Williams, says that you can't go wrong with a warm beige or grey tone. To bring a touch of colour to your living room, Magno suggests a soothing, eye-catching shade of blue. If you are wary of using primary colours in your home, try deep terracotta or dark pink if you want to feel joyful optimism that colour can bring out the bolder and better.

Browse the gallery below for ideas on the colour palette in autumn, the best colour combinations in autumn and colours in autumn to keep your home warm this year.


For customers who want to show a little personality at their front door, pink and green seem to be the trend colours for front doors. Grey, white and navy blue are the classic kitchen colours that are on trend in 2021, but there is a marked shift towards colourful kitchen cabinets. Although protection on the spot is an order that cannot be lifted overnight, the transformation of the walls with paint can have a huge impact on the mood.

This colour trend is in line with those who want to create a kind of hotel feeling with dark bathrooms and a certain opulence, but not in neutral tones. Green is a color you should imagine and commit to. That's why we suggest hiring a virtual exterior architect like Brick Batten to create realistic renderings of your home that look like tones inspired by Mother Nature. This is a wonderful color for the living room if you want to create an airy, quiet, neutral, warm space.

Kitchen Colors

According to interior designer Jean Liu, 2021 will be a rich, atmospheric hue. O'Donnell expects green to be the most popular shade for kitchen cabinets and living spaces by 2021. With enough white on the walls, Bellizaire expects taupe tones to be popular in 2021 to stay neutral and add depth to a room.

According to the Modsy 2020 State of the Home Trends Report, 38% of Modsy customers want designs in cool tones by 2021. "Neutral trends in 2021 will create warm cocooning spaces that feel intimate, inviting and familiar to consumers who prefer warm, natural colors. Warm neutrals can be used as building blocks for rooms and as connecting elements for meeting rooms, "says Cesa.

Using Nature

In 2021, green colours that combine with nature will be a huge colour trend. Behrs chooses the colours of the year for 2021, inspired by nature, to create a warm, grounded feeling indoors and outdoors.

Cool hues such as Aegean teal are chosen because they add balance and tranquility to a room through cabinets, walls and woodwork. This year, neutral colors such as warm beige, soft cream tones and gray undertones are combined to ensure that a room retains a sophisticated, super-smart feel.

In conclusion

Benjamin Moore's colour palette includes buttery yellows, creamy off-whites and deep earthy tones paired with Aegean teal and cool undertones. While year after year living room colors like minimalist white and pale gray remain popular, Patrick ODonnell, the international brand ambassador for Farrow & Ball, says that color trends for spaces tend to reflect the world around us. Warm and cosy, an earthy, spicy hue called Satin Paprika is accompanied by nine other trendy shades, and the popular spray paint Rust-Oleum has chosen its color for 2021. The dark shade anchors three different palettes that have been curated to complement outdoor living spaces with a modern boho aesthetic and mid-century modern style

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