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5 Ways to Money on Home Maintenance

Owning a home costs money, maintaining your how also costs money and the cost of home maintenance is rising. Home Depot has the best prices on all you need for home maintenance and with a Home Depot Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save even more. But how can you save even more money on home maintenance?  Here are 5 Ways to Money on Home Maintenance


This is the obvious way to save money on Home Maintenance. DO. IT. YOURSELF.  Why pay someone to maintain your home when you can do it yourself. DIY saves you money on the simple tasks such as chipped paint, unblocking a drain, clearing gutters and general basic maintenance.  YouTube has become the DIYers best friend and has become a teaching tool for many. Simple tasks such as learning how to fix a leaking or dripping faucet can save you an immediate $70 to $100 just on a call out.  DIY saves money, you just have to be willing.

Hire a Pro

Okay, this goes against the first point but there comes a stage where you cannot do the task yourself.  Calling in a contractor can save money and ensure the job is done properly. There is a big but to this.  You must use a good professional,  a shoddy fly by night sort of contractor will often end up costing you money. Get a contractor who comes recommended, and you will save money in the long run.

Prevent rather than Cure

Any longstanding homeowner will tell you that preventative maintenance is the key to saving money on home maintenance.  Little things such as painting (indoors and out), keeping pests under control, replacing batteries in alarms and monitors and general good cleaning all prevent potential expensive issues from cropping up. Getting up close to your home and giving it the once over every now and then makes a lot of sense. Set time aside complete small maintenance tasks – making time rather than finding time is easier!

Reduce the energy bills

Reducing costs is what many homeowners are ultimately seeking to achieve when looking after their home. Completing those home maintenance tasks that save you money in the long run is as good as reducing home maintenance costs.  Cleaning and even replacing HVAC filters is one such task. A clean HVAC works more efficiently, and this saves you money. Furthermore, maintaining your HVAC regularly can avoid expensive repairs later.

Don’t put off to tomorrow what you can do today

This is the number one way to save money and is something no one can ever see. If something needs doing urgently, especially something like a leak or something damaged, don’t just walk by. A stitch in time saves nine is absolutely true when it comes to home maintenance. Doing a task as soon as you notice it may cost $20 or even $50 but it may save $1000. Now that is saving money on home maintenance.

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