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Quarantine maintenance tasks you must not forget

Quarantine maintenance tasks you must not forget

Many of us are now in our second or even third week of being in quarantine at home. As the cloud of COVID19 blows slowly over our homes it can be easy to become complacent and even procrastinate when it comes to maintaining our homes. However, this period of time is when we have every opportunity to really get on top of the tasks we normally only have time for at weekends and then  find the weekend is not long enough. These few essential tasks will also keep you occupied in the stay at home period we are all in. Lowes is open during this time and if you require any equipment to complete these tasks you can use a Lowes Printable Coupon and save money on your purchases. So, here are the essential maintenance jobs you need to undertake during the quarantine period:

Mow the Lawn and trim the trees

Traditionally a Saturday morning task in many homes can now be done at any time. Furthermore, with plenty of time you can give your garden a really good makeover and turn it into the garden you have always wanted. Trimming a few trees and maybe even changing the flowerbeds can now all be done and Lowes stocks all the garden tools and equipment you need to become your own landscape gardening service with your entire household.

Clean the gutters

This is a task that crops up regularly on the We Are Coupons Blog, but the importance and benefits of clearing your gutters cannot be underestimated. Cleared gutters allow rainfall to flow freely and easily. While at this why don’t you consider installing a waste or gray water system to save water and use water more wisely to water your garden all year round?

Clean your windows inside and out

With some time on your hands and a ladder from Lowes cleaning your windows is an important task. A family member can help support the base of the ladder as you climb up to the upper level of your house and give the upstairs windows a really good and well deserved clean.

Check you garden sprinklers

So many homes have inefficient sprinklers that waste water or don’t provide enough water due to blockages and breakages. Now is the time to give your sprinkler system a service. You can easily identify patches of lawn or garden that do not get enough water and those that get too much and the adjustments are straightforward in most cases. Repairs are generally easy and maybe you can consider connecting the system up to a rainwater harvesting solution.

Fix the paving

Finally, another simple maintenance task that often gets overlooked it to repair and tidy up any paving. Over time paving stones come loose or some areas become very worn. Tidying up and maintaining your paving is a very worthwhile task



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