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Simple Stay at Home DIY

Simple Stay at Home DIY

There must be thousands of men who now regret saying they will get to doing something when they have time. With Coronavirus now forcing millions of people to stay at home there is no shortage of time to get to those DIY tasks men promised their wives they would get to. And, there are no excuses because Lowes is open for essentials until 7pm each day and of course you can save money using a Lowes Printable Coupon at the same time. Just in case you have none of those jobs you promised to do here are some easy ones that take no time at all:

Change Kitchen and Bathroom Hardware

This is one of the easiest DIY jobs in the home and it really does make a kitchen or bathroom seem like new. Replacing the hardware in the kitchen or bathroom is simple. New faucets, new door handles, new door fronts, new hinges and even new lights all make a difference, take no time at all and are all relatively easy.

Improve the first looks

First looks of you house mean a lot and one of the best and easiest of all the tasks to improve the curb appeal of your home is to paint the front door. Panting a door is easy and many homes have a can of paint laying around that would be just perfect for this stay at home DIY task.

Up the garden path

Spring is on the air and laying a new garden path is another easy task to undertake when staying at home. You can head down to Lowes and get some paving stones or you can even recycle what may be hiding in your garden to create a new feature that everyone will love.

Add power to your shower

A really easy task that the whole family will enjoy and one that will also see you pay less for water is to replace your shower head. A new shower head will save you money in the long run as you use less water but still have a shower that is equally or even more powerful. This simple task is one you will never regret.

Outside clean

Power washing the outside of your house, blasting the driveway clean, clearing out your gutters and drains is a hugely rewarding job that makes your home look impressively clean. Doing this in spring will make sure your property is ready for when the leaves drop in Fall.

One big task

If all the small jobs don’t excite you why not take on a larger task while you are staying at such as building a deck, installing a garden pond or laying a patio so that you can enjoy the summer that is only around the corner!

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