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Simple Things: Kitchenaid

Simple Things:  Kitchenaid

At Home Depot you can purchase a wide range of home appliances. Kitchenaid is perhaps the best known name in American Home Appliances and with a Home Depot Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on the entire Kitchenaid range. But do you know the history of Kitchenaid

Well Made Kitchenaid

Have you ever heard the phrase "they don't make things like they used to"? It's often used in conjunction with a modern day appliance. Things are just not made the same anymore. Not like they were when Grandma and Grandpa were kids. Indeed, Grandma and Grandpa might marvel at the internet revolution but, when it comes to good old traditional things, things just aren't what they used to be. You must have heard your grandparents recall how things were when they were kids' dozens of times before. They were pretty inventive back then too. Particularly when they didn't have the modern day advances we've had over the course of our lives.

Quality Appliances

But it's not just the invention; it's the quality of the products that arise from the invention that have changed over time. Now it seems like they're almost built to fail in the not too distant future so you have no option but to upgrade to the latest version of the gizmo. But, back then, things lasted a lifetime. Enter Kitchenaid. Let's face it, everyone eats food, and every home has a kitchen. So the topic is very valid to most.

Kitchenaid Origins

Kitchenaid came into being in 1919 and, although the range of products they manufacture has widened considerably, they started out, all those 92 years ago, with a humble food mixer. Humble maybe, but built like a truck, and made to last. It's an important reflection because, unlike the many manufacturers of appliances which have started trading in much more recent years, it was in 1919 that the ethos behind the Kitchenaid design and engineering philosophy was founded. And it's an ethos that the company has maintained ever since. It's the reason why, when you look at their current mixers, they look like something Grandma and Grandpa used many years ago.

Same Today as Yesterday

It's important because the products, today, come with the same rigid build as they did all those many years ago. You can rely on them. They are built to do the job (which when you consider what some cooks mix is a tough one). And they last. It's even more important when you reflect upon the purpose of a kitchen mixer. It's a preparatory device to make excellent food and strength, durability, and versatility are all that's required when it comes to good food. Ask any top chef anywhere. A good chef doesn't want high tech, not a gizmo. They need tools, tools to do the job, and tools to make the outcome better. And as Grandma and Grandpa will also tell you (almost with too much frequency) good food is food made the traditional way (certainly if you want it to taste great). And there's probably not a master chef out there who would disagree.

Made to Last

That's why the KitchenAid range of mixers is considered to be some of the best on the planet today. Many top chef's, the world over, swear by them. It's also the reason they have continually featured in the top five by Good Housekeeping. It's also why the company was snapped up by Whirlpool in 1986. But the manufacturing culture has remained cast in stone. The name KitchenAid was originally a brand name for a mixer manufactured in 1919 by the American based Hobart Manufacturing Company. According to hearsay, the word "KitchenAid" came about when the wife of one of the executives tried it at home and exclaimed, "I don't care what you call it, but I know it's the best kitchen aid I ever had".

Growing Popularity

The KitchenAid mixers grew incredibly popular during the first half of the 1900's. At the time, most were sold door-to-door or featured in party presentations. During the later part of the 1900's, Hobart expanded into other kitchen appliances including washing machines producing the first washing machine for the home in 1949. It was soon to become renowned for its reliability. The company successfully expanded into many other areas of home appliances. In 1986 the company was snapped up by Whirlpool, who are the largest manufacturer of appliances anywhere in the world. It's no coincidence that the name Kitchenaid has been maintained.


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