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Simple Things: Steam Irons

Simple Things:  Steam Irons

Home Depot stocks plenty of appliances such as steam irons. With a Home Depot Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on any appliance in store. The history of the steam iron begins around 1400 BC. Steam was used in the process of ironing and was usually fed through the sole plate of the iron. Live steam was fed from an external boiler to the iron's sole plate. While this method was a more economical option for large commercial applications, it was also dangerous and was the subject of physical comedy. As a result, many early steam irons were designed without handles to prevent accidents.


Smoothing Stones

Today, steam irons make it easy to press garments and smooth the surface with heat. However, the history of ironing garments goes back hundreds of years - in fact, many pieces of clothing were first ironed on smoothing stones. Smoothing stones were first made in the 8th or 9th century and resembled a mushroom. They were also used to press starched pieces of costume. Nowadays, steam irons have made ironing garments much easier.


Pan irons

Cast iron cookware has been coveted by Americans since the founding of the country. In the early 20th century, the cast iron skillet was a common household appliance, and was famous for its searing and frying abilities. In the South, history of the pan iron is interwoven with its use in the Southern kitchen. Many areas of the South contain iron deposits. For instance, Birmingham, Alabama has little history of farming but the city's red mountains lent themselves to the iron industry. The city rose to fame largely due to its iron industry.


Box irons

As the demand for box irons increased, the early designs used coal to heat up the iron, but as the era progressed, so did the irons. As time went by, iron designs changed to include reversible bases, gas jets, and other innovations. Many modern box irons still use coal, though their heating ability is much lower. These products are still used in some developing countries.


Electric irons

The basic parts of an electric steam iron include a bottom plate, a water tank, and a heating element. The bottom plate contains a heating device and a temperature controller. The heating device heats up water in the bottom plate, and then converts it into steam. The steam is then sprayed out of the bottom plate. Electric steam irons are easy to use and come with several benefits.


Electric irons with a thermometer

An electric iron has a bimetallic strip that is heated through a bimetallic contact point. The bimetallic strip is made of two different metals that are bonded together. The strip begins to curve towards the metal that has a lower coefficient of expansion. As the strip heats up, the temperature increases and it begins to pull away from the other metal. As the temperature decreases, the strip reverts to its original shape, and the iron is no longer heated.

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