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Home Maintenance Tasks for May - Part 1

Home Maintenance Tasks for May  -  Part 1

With a Home Depot Discount Coupon from We Are Coupons taking care of your home costs less. Like a health check-up, regular home maintenance tasks will save you money and prevent major repairs down the road. Even minor problems can grow into costly surprises if they go unaddressed for too long.


To keep your home in top shape, it's important to complete these tasks on a monthly basis. If you can't handle some of the more complex home maintenance projects, consider hiring a professional.


Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is one of the best ways to maintain your home’s beauty and resale value. It’s also a great way to save money on energy bills and get more natural sunlight into your home.


While it can be hard to find time for a major overhaul of your windows, you can do a lot to keep them clean with just a few quick tasks each month. If you don’t do this, you could end up with unsightly, dirty and even leaky windows that can cost you a fortune to replace in the long run.


First, start by clearing away debris, dust and cobwebs from your windows and frames. You can use a vacuum, duster or microfiber cloth to get the job done quickly and thoroughly.


Once your windowframes, blinds and shades are clean, it’s time to wash your windows themselves. You can buy a commercial glass cleaner in most hardware stores and a spray bottle that you can use to apply the cleaner to the windows.


Next, spread the solution evenly across the windows with a dry lint-free towel. This will help ensure the cleaner penetrates deep into the glass and wipes away the grime.


Finally, squeegee each window with a dry squeegee blade (Fisk says to get one that’s about five feet long, which allows you to cover larger areas) and wipe it clean. Repeat with the other windows until all are clean.


To remove stains, wipe them with a diluted solution of vinegar and water or baking soda and water. Vinegar is a gentler solution than baking soda, and it can dissolve stubborn stains without damaging the glass.


It’s important to follow this process from top to bottom, Fisk advises, so that water doesn’t pool in the center and leave streaks. She focuses on the inside of the windows to avoid dripping cleaner onto other surfaces that may get scratched or damaged by the moisture.


To finish off the job, rinse each window with a squeegee blade and a dry cloth, or you can use paper towels if you don’t mind the mess. But a good paper towel should be soft enough to absorb excess water.

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