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3 ways to turn your home into your ideal staycation

3 ways to turn your home into your ideal staycation

COVID19 has prevented many people from travelling very far on Vacation this year and restrictions may well in place for some time to come. For this reason the staycation, staying at home on vacation has become more popular than ever. With a little help from Home Depot while saving some money when shopping online with a Home Depot Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons here are 3 DIY jobs that can make your home perfect for a staycation.

Fire Pit

Many of us have memories from sitting around the campfire with family and friends. Thanks to Home Depot building your own firepit in your yard has never been easier. With a little bit of work from your side a firepit is an easy addition to create for any garden. Home depot has all the essentials you need to make this the best feature of your new at home holiday home. From the firepit itself, whether you choose a pre-constructed fireplace or dig and build your own, through comfortable outdoor chairs, you can create your own cosy Campsite and share evenings under the stars with your family and the fire crackles.

Playhouse for the Kids

If you have kids then they come first when is comes to any vacation. Kids need to be entertained and to turn your home into the perfect staycation venue building a playhouse for the kids is where the fun begins. A playhouse, when constructed properly can become a place where your kids make happy memories. Home depot can supply you with all the lumber, materials and tools to build a dream playhouse. Home depot can even supply you with the plans to build the playhouse your kids will love. Again, all it takes is some imagination, the essentials and a little bit of sweat.

A Deck

How many of you have been dreaming of building a deck and never gotten around to it?  Most of you. Building a deck is quite an ambitious project bit it is not as difficult as you may think. Home Depot can help you design and build your own deck and whether you have a pool or not it will be perfect for you. Lumber, nails, tools and more are all available from Home Depot. Don’t forget to complete your deck with a new Barbecue, some comfortable outdoor furniture and maybe even an awning to give some shelter if it decides to rain. A deck becomes the centrepiece while your kids play in the playhouse before you all head down to the firepit and chill out.

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