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Home Improvements that can devalue your home

Home Improvements that can devalue your home

Home Depot has been helping Americans improve their homes for decades. We Are Coupons helps you save money when shopping online at Home Depot with the best Home Depot Money Off Coupons in country. Improving your home is something everyone wants to do but when it comes to selling your home your DIY improvement may inadvertently lower the value of your property.  Here are some of the most common home devaluing DIY “improvements”

Converting a bedroom

We all need space and with many of us now working from home we need a place to call an office. The first place everyone turns to when looking for extra space is a spare bedroom. This may be great for you and with Home Depot converting a spare bedroom, or any bedroom spare or otherwise into a room for another purpose can  wreck the sales value of your home. At the end of the day a bedroom is a bedroom and when people come to buy a 3 bedroom house for example they expect 3 bedrooms not 2 with an office or something else.

Converting a garage

In a vein to converting a bedroom, converting or “reutilizing” a garage is another no no when it comes to maintaining property values.  Converting a garage into another room, especially when  replacing the garage door with permanent windows and perhaps a conventional front door can lower your property price considerably when selling you home. If there is now limited space to park your cars you may feel frustrated but furthermore you may also see the cost of car insurance increase as your car now parked outside. If you are planning on staying in your property for another 20 years a garage conversion may be fine but if you are planning on climbing the property ladder maybe reconsider the price reducing alterations.

Going Open Plan

Many homes, especially smaller homes are now built at open plan but going open plan when open plan is not part of the layout can be a massive value wrecker.  Going open plan and making mistakes, yes, mistakes are common, can cost you as much as 30% of property value. While open plan may make sense in some ways it is vital that it is done properly and done in a manner that looks stylish rather than just making a space bigger. Also, not everyone likes open plan so it may be worth your while selling your home as is and looking for a property that is open plan if open plan is what you want.

Home Depot

Home Depot can help you with any renovations, many local home depot stores understand how renovations locally affect property prices. It makes sense to ask the experts before you go ahead with any project.

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