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Renovations to skip when selling your home

Renovations to skip when selling your home

When you move house there are some renovations and maintenance jobs you should do. There are also plenty of jobs not to do. Lowes has all the tools and materials you need to do, or not do, any of these jobs. With a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on them all. So, what are the jobs and renovations you should skip when selling your house?


Everyone loves the sun but not everyone loves a sunroom. One large yet relatively affordable home renovation  is a sunroom. While a sunroom sound like a wonderful addition to any home and one that should make it more saleable it does not add any value to the property. Unless your home already has a sunroom don’t go and add one before you sell.

Swimming Pool

Another addition to a home that many people think will make a huge difference to the sales value of their home is the addition of a swimming pool. Figures show that building a swimming pool can add value to a home but the costs of installing a pool outstrip the increases in value. As with a sunroom, unless your home already has a sparkling swimming pool don’t add one in order to sell your h9ouse faster for more… it won’t work!

New flooring

New flooring doesn’t add any value to the sales price of a home. Adding new floors when current flooring is perfectly adequate is not necessary. If the floors are in a bad shape and show some wear and tear take a long hard look and think how much the cost of replacement will actually be. On painted floors and fresh coat of paint is a good idea but don’t go for a full replacement.

Don’t convert the garage

This is one that drives some people crazy. There are still more buyers that would like a garage rather than an extra room or play den. Garages are still in demand and converting yours believing the extra room will appeal to more buyers and increase your sales value is normally wrong. Keep your garage as it is as the cost of conversion just to sell is not worth it.


While having a bidet sounds awesome and does give an upmarket appeal to any home a bidet add little or no value. No one really uses them and they generally just take up valuable space in often already small rooms.

Avoid Personal Touches

Don’t spend money on your personal touches when trying to sell your home. Everyone is different and to a degree keeping your home neutral erring on the side of boring often sells your home better and faster.

These are just some of the things not to waste your time and money on when selling or trying to sell your home

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