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Home Checklist for September - Part 1

Home Checklist for September - Part 1

It is hard to believe that September is here. Lowes cannot believe it either and now you need to get with making your home all cosy for Fall.  With a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money at Lowes all year round. Lowes has all you need to maintain your home. But, what are the top home making tasks for September?

Layer Up for Cooler Weather

September brings cooler weather, eventually. You may feel a nip in the air but it is too soon to bring out all the winter bedding.  The task for September is to layer up.  Bring out some extra blankets and cushions and make yourself warmer with an extra touch of comfort. It is just a hint too early to switch on the heating and layers of soft blankets will save you money on those ever-growing utility bills.

Get the Firewood Ready

Winter will appear in a flash, seasons fly by these days. Don’t be caught off guard form the forthcoming and inevitable winter that is hiding behind the blue September skies. September is thre best month of the year to order in your firewood if you have an open fireplace or wood burner. To avoid pests do not store huge piles of wood against the wall of your house but do always store your firewood under cover and keep it dry.

Safety First

September is a new month and a new month is always a great reason to check all those safety devices you have in your home.  A quick once over and check of your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors will give you peace of mind for the month ahead.


The kids are all now back at school and homework is once again on the agenda.  Having gone up a grade some kids will get more homework and this September is the ideal time to create, uplift or improve the places and spaces where homework is completed. Make any space comfortable, airy and bright to make homework more enjoyable .  Now is also the time of year to stock up on arts, crafts and other homework and project related essentials.

Clean Leather Furniture

Strangely,  September is the perfect month to give any leather furniture a deep clean. Using special leather cleaner you can deep clean your leather couches and “feed” the fine material they are made from. A really good clean, more than a dust over, will leave your prized furniture looking like new and extend the life considerably.

New Wardrobe

Finally, in part one of the this article, September is the ideal month for a new wardrobe and a new look.  Clearing out your summer clothes in exchange for not quite winter clothes is a real feel good task that lets you know that September will be amazing!

In Part 2, we continue making your home look, feel and become awesome this September to allow Fall to make way for a wonderful Winter.

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