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How to Install a basement bathroom

How to Install a basement bathroom

The Points to consider when installing a basement bathroom

Lowes has been helping Americans love their homes for many decades and Americans trust them. For the last few years We Are Coupons has been providing Americans with the best Lowes Coupons to save money at Lowes. One thing many homeowners want is a basement bathroom but what do you need to know before you install one? Here are the key points you need to know

Permits and Zoning

As with so many major home projects it makes sense to check out the zoning and permits you may need before you begin. Primarily these are all about keeping you and your family safe.  It takes very little effort to contact your local authority and doing this beforehand can save a lot of running around.


This sounds straightforward, you dig a hole and the water flows down.  Actually, drainage for a basement bathroom is a very serious consideration.  I many cases drainage is straightforward and gravity does the trick. In other cases pumps may be needed and you will need to check this out. Furthermore, where the water drains to is important. If it goes into your municipality drainage systems and you will need a backwater valve and of course a permit.  Again, checking all this beforehand saves time.

Levels of Moisture in your Basement

Basements are generally damper than most places in the house and a basement bathroom can be damper still. Damp leads to all kinds of issues such as mould and this needs to be prevented. Ventilation as is the key to a damp-free basement bathroom. Not all basements are lucky enough to have windows that allow fresh air to flow. In most basement bathrooms you are going to need an extractor fan.  These are easy to instal but you also need to consider any pipes and venting you need. Planning ahead saves hassle yet again.


You may want your entire basement to be a bathroom or you may simply want a portion of it to be converted.  Planning where you’re your bathroom will be in your basement is vital,  access to water points generally determines where your bathroom will be. It may look good to have a bathroom in a particular place but it may not be practically good.

Size and Cost

The bigger the bathroom the more it will cost. As with any room you only have so much space in a basement and you need to ensure your bathroom works in the space you have. Does the bathroom need to be a full bathroom or will a shower room suffice?  There are many ways to save money and it makes sense to plan your bathroom properly, set a budget and shop around.  Don’t forget, you can save money at Lowes with a We Are Coupons Lowes Money Off Coupon!

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